Lists of United Nations Security Council resolutions

United Nations Security Council resolutions are United Nations resolutions adopted by the fifteen members of the Security Council (UNSC); the United Nations (UN) body charged with "primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security".[1]

Resolutions by number edit

All resolutions are included in these chronological lists.

Resolutions by year edit

These links go directly to a year (or the bottom of the page) in one of the lists in the Resolutions by number section. Some years continue in the next list.

Resolutions by topic edit

These are lists of resolutions about the same topic. There are more topics in Category:United Nations Security Council resolutions by topic but it only shows a link to resolutions with their own article. As of 2023 that is nearly all resolutions until 2013 but few since then.

Vetoed resolutions edit

Vetoed resolutions are not adopted so they are not included in the earlier lists.

References edit

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