United Nations Security Council Resolution 1388

United Nations Security Council resolution 1388, adopted unanimously on 15 January 2002, after recalling resolutions 1267 (1999) and 1333 (2000) on the situation in Afghanistan, the council, acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, lifted sanctions against Ariana Afghan Airlines as the airline was no longer controlled by or on behalf of the Taliban.[1]

UN Security Council
Resolution 1388
Ariana Afghan A310-300 F-GEMO.jpg
Ariana Afghan Airlines aircraft
Date15 January 2002
Meeting no.4,449
CodeS/RES/1388 (Document)
SubjectThe situation in Afghanistan
Voting summary
  • 15 voted for
  • None voted against
  • None abstained
Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members
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The provisions of the resolution also terminated restrictions with regard to the airline, such as the denial of all states to refuse permission to allow Ariana Afghan Airlines aircraft to land, take off or overfly their territory; the freezing of funds and financial assets; and the closure of the airline's offices in their territory.[2]

The sanctions were originally put in place to force the Taliban regime to hand over Osama bin Laden who was indicted by the United States over the 1998 bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.[3]

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