United Akali Dal (Muttahida Akali Dal)[2] is a Sikhism-centric political party floated on 22 November 2014 at Amritsar[3] by leaders of United Sikh Movement and Insaf Lehar have played leading role in setting up this party. This party is led by Bhai Mokham Singh.[4]

United Akali Dal
PresidentBhai Mokham Singh
SecretaryGurdeep Singh Bathinda
FoundedNovember 22nd, 2014
DissolvedJune 25th, 2020
Preceded byUnited Sikh Movement, Insaf Lehar
Succeeded byShiromani Akali Dal (Democratic)
HeadquartersSri Amritsar

On June 25, 2020, Bhai Mokham Singh and his party members dissolved the party and merged into the new Shiromani Akali Dal (Democratic), led by Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa.

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