Ulsan College

Ulsan College (Korean울산과학대학교; lit. Ulsan College of Science) is a private college with two campuses in Ulsan, South Korea. The East Campus is in Dong-gu and the West Campus in Nam-gu. It was founded on 8 April 1960 as the Ulsan Industrial Technology Institute. Hyundai Heavy Industries is the college's owner and financial sponsor.[1][2]

Ulsan College
Ulsan College Seal.jpg
Seal of Ulsan College
Former names
  • Ulsan Industrial Technology Institute
  • Ulsan Industrial Technical College
성실, 창의, 봉사
Motto in English
Sincerity, Creativity, Service
TypePrivate college
Established8 April 1960 (1960-April-08)
PresidentDr. Heo Jeongseok (허정석)
Academic staff
304 (2012)
Students5,717 (2012)
35°29′45″N 129°24′56″E / 35.49578°N 129.41568°E / 35.49578; 129.41568 (East Campus)Coordinates: 35°29′45″N 129°24′56″E / 35.49578°N 129.41568°E / 35.49578; 129.41568 (East Campus)
Campusurban, multiple campuses
ColorsMain color: Green   Other colors:     
The letters 'U' and 'C' connected to each other
Ulsan College
Revised RomanizationUlsan Gwahak Daehakgyo
McCune–ReischauerUlsan Gwahak Taehakkyo


The Ulsan Industrial Technology Institute was founded as an affiliate of the College of Engineering at the University of Ulsan. The opening ceremony for the first school year was on 10 March 1973. The college was renamed the Ulsan Industrial Technical College on 1 March 1985, then renamed Ulsan College on 11 November 1998. The East Campus was opened on 17 March 2000.[3][4]


The college's four departments currently offer the following programs. All programs are offered at the East Campus, except where noted.[5]


  • Environment & Building Design (3-year program)
  • Information Technology (3-year program)
  • Digital Content Design
  • Mechanical Engineering (3-year program, West Campus)
  • Electricity & Electronics (3-year program, West Campus)
  • Industrial Management (West Campus)
  • Environmental & Chemical Industry (West Campus)

Liberal arts and scienceEdit

  • Early Childhood Education (3-year program)
  • Social Welfare
  • Tax Accounting
  • Distribution Management
  • Business & Foreign Languages

Natural scienceEdit

  • Nursing (4-year program)
  • Physical Therapy (3-year program)
  • Dental Hygiene (3-year program)
  • Food & Nutrition (3-year program)
  • Hotel Food Service & Culinary Arts

Sports and leisureEdit

  • Athletic Training

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