Ulrich IV, Count of Württemberg

Ulrich IV at the Stiftskirche, Stuttgart

Ulrich IV of Württemberg (born after 1315–1366, Castle Hohenneuffen), Count of Württemberg. He reigned, together with his brother Eberhard II from 1344 until 1362.

During his reign he stood in the shadow of his brother Eberhard II. Because of that he temporarily strove towards the division of the realm. This is the reason why Eberhard II forced him to sign a treaty that stipulated the indivisibility of the county on December 3, 1361. Soon after that Ulrich relinquished his participation in the government of Württemberg on May 1, 1362.

Ulrich IV married countess Katharina von Helfenstein before 1350. The matrimony was barren.

Preceded by
Ulrich III
Count of Württemberg
Succeeded by
Eberhard II

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