Ubenide Constituency

Ubenide is one of the constituencies of Nauru and is made up of the four districts: Baitsi, Denigomodu, Nibok, and Uaboe. It covers an area of 4.5 km², and has a population of 3,300. It returns (as the only constituency) four members to the Parliament of Nauru in Yaren.[1]

Ubenide Constituency within Nauru
Ubenide Constituency within Nauru
Coordinates: 0°31′2.57″S 166°55′28.08″E / 0.5173806°S 166.9244667°E / -0.5173806; 166.9244667Coordinates: 0°31′2.57″S 166°55′28.08″E / 0.5173806°S 166.9244667°E / -0.5173806; 166.9244667
Country Nauru
Districts4 (Baitsi, Denigomodu, Nibok, Uaboe)
 • Total4.5 km2 (1.7 sq mi)
 • Total3,300
Time zone(UTC+12)
Area code(s)+674
Members of Parliament4[1]
Map of Ubenide
View of Denigomodu and Nibok


Named after the acronym of the 4 districts (Uaboe, BEidi -old name of Baitsi-, NIbok, DEnigomodu), Ubenide is located in northeast coast of Nauru, and borders with the constituencies of Anetan, Anabar, Buada and Aiwo. The phosphate railway crosses the constituency in the hills.

Members of ParliamentEdit

Seat 1
Member Term Party
Joseph Hiram ?-2001 Non-partisan
David Adeang 2001–Present Nauru First
Seat 2
Member Term Party
Lagumot Harris 1968-1976 Non-partisan
Victor Eoaeo 1976-1977 Non-partisan
Lagumot Harris 1977-1980 Non-partisan
Kennan Adeang 1980-1988 Nauru Party/Democratic Party
Buraro Detudamo 1988-1994 Non-partisan
Aloysius Amwano 1998-2003 Non-partisan
Fabian Ribauw 2003-2008 Non-partisan
Aloysius Amwano 2008-2013 Non-partisan
Russ J. Kun 2013–present Non-partisan
Seat 3
Member Term Party
Derog Gioura 1968-1971 Non-partisan
Kennan Adeang 1971 Nauru Party
Derog Gioura 1971-1973 Non-partisan
Kennan Adeang 1973-1976 Nauru Party
Derog Gioura 1976-1977 Non-partisan
Kennan Adeang 1977-1978 Nauru Party
Derog Gioura 1978-2004 Non-partisan
Valdon Dowiyogo 2004–2016 Non-partisan
Seat 4
Member Term Party
Victor Eoaeo 1968-1973 Non-partisan
Bernard Dowiyogo 1973-2003 Nauru Party/Democratic Party
Russell E. Kun 2003-2004 Centre Party
Freddie Pitcher 2004-2013 Nauru First
Ranin Akua[2] 2013–present Non-partisan

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