Yaren District

Yaren (in earlier times Makwa/Moqua), is a district of the Pacific nation of Nauru. It is the de facto capital of Nauru and is coextensive with Yaren Constituency.[1][2]

Nauru government (left) and parliament (right) buildings
Nauru government (left) and parliament (right) buildings
Yaren District within Nauru
Yaren District within Nauru
Coordinates: 0°32′51.72″S 166°55′15.12″E / 0.5477000°S 166.9208667°E / -0.5477000; 166.9208667Coordinates: 0°32′51.72″S 166°55′15.12″E / 0.5477000°S 166.9208667°E / -0.5477000; 166.9208667
Country Nauru
 • Total1.5 km2 (0.6 sq mi)
25 m (82 ft)
 • Total747
 • Density498/km2 (1,290/sq mi)
Time zone(UTC+12)
Area code+674
Map of Yaren


The district was created in 1968. Its original name, Makwa (or Moqua), refers to Moqua Well, an underground lake and primary source of drinking water for Nauruan people.[3]


Yaren is located in the south of the island. Its area is 1.5 km2 (0.58 sq mi), and its elevation was 25 metres (82 feet) as of 2007. To the north of Yaren is Buada, to the east is Meneng and to the west is Boe.[4]


Yaren (and sometimes Aiwo) is usually listed as the capital of Nauru, however this is incorrect; the republic does not have cities or an official capital. Yaren is accepted by the United Nations as the "main district".

English and Nauruan, the official languages of Nauru, are spoken in the district.

Government and administrative buildingsEdit

The following government offices are located in this district:


Yaren also constitutes a political constituency. It returns two members to the Parliament of Nauru.[1]

Main sightsEdit

  • The Moqua Well is situated in Yaren.


The primary and secondary schools serving all of Nauru are Yaren Primary School in Yaren District (Years 1–3), Nauru Primary School in Meneng District (Years 4–6), Nauru College in Denigomodu District (Years 7–9), and Nauru Secondary School (Years 10–12) in Yaren District.[6]

The Nauru Learning Village in Yaren houses the University of the South Pacific Nauru Campus, the Nauru Technical & Vocational Education Training Centre, and Nauru Secondary.[7]


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