Telephone numbers in Nauru

Nauru's country code is +674, and the international call prefix is 00. There are seven other numbers in the system, with the format of numbers being +0067433724411.

Nauru telephone numbers
NRU orthographic.svg
NSN lengthseven digits
Access codes
Country calling code+674
International call prefix00

Telephone rangesEdit

In August 2011, Criden Appi, the Director of Telecommunications (Regulatory), said that Nauru advises "only 556xxxx, 557xxxx, 558xxxx are in use for mobiles and there are no landlines in service".[1] In the ranges, X=0-9, and Y=0-9.

Mobile telephone number rangesEdit

Number range Service
555 4111
556 XYYY
557 8226
558 XYYY
559 9386
559 6085

Fixed line area codesEdit

Number range Locality
444 XYYY
888 XYYY

Special NumbersEdit

Service Short code numbers
Police Emergency Service 110
Fire Emergency Service 112
Ambulance Emergency Service 111
Customer Care 123
Directory Enquiries 192

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