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In the U.S. state of Maine, U.S. Route 2 (US 2) is a principal east–west route through the central portion of the state, extending from the New Hampshire border in Gilead to the town of Houlton near the Canadian border.

U.S. Route 2 marker

U.S. Route 2
US 2 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MaineDOT
Length273.21 mi[1] (439.69 km)
Major junctions
West end US 2 at Shelburne, NH
East end I-95 in Houlton
CountiesOxford, Franklin, Somerset, Penobscot, Aroostook
Highway system
Route 14N.E.Route 16

Route descriptionEdit

After crossing the New Hampshire state line in Gilead, US 2 continues to follow the Androscoggin River, turning north in Bethel (State Route 26 (SR 26) continues eastward from this turn). From there, the road crosses the river and turns north for a short while before turning eastward again, following the curving path of the river on the opposite bank until Dixfield, where it turns northeast, crossing from Oxford County, through southeastern Franklin County and into Somerset County. The road has a major junction with US 201 in Skowhegan, continuing to Penobscot County and the town of Newport, where the road begins a loosely parallel path with Interstate 95 (I-95), interchanging with the interstate just southeast of the Bangor International Airport in Bangor.

From Bangor, the road begins following the Penobscot River northward, passing through Orono, crossing the river just south of the main campus of the University of Maine on Marsh Island. In Old Town, the road crosses the river again, staying to the east bank of the river through Mattawamkeag, crossing the Mattawamkeag River, then heading northward through the rest of the county and into Aroostook County, heading due north from Macwahoc, eventually meeting up again with I-95 near exit 286 in Oakfield, before crossing back at exit 291 in Smyrna. From Smyrna, the road travels due east into Houlton, sharing a concurrency with US 1 for just under one-half mile (0.80 km), before heading east and terminating just north of Houlton International Airport at I-95 exit 305, the last exit before it changes to Route 95.[2]


The original path of the road near the Houlton Airport did not turn around what is now the north–south runway, instead going straight on what is now Old Woodstock Road, over the eventual path of the runway, and crossing Airport Road just south of the exit, meeting at the old U.S. Customs station, two hundred yards due south of the current one. The corresponding Canadian road also has closed, ending 0.4 miles (0.64 km) further from the border than it once did. The roadway paths are still visible on satellite imagery.

Major intersectionsEdit

OxfordGilead0.000.00  US 2 west – GorhamContinuation from New Hampshire
2.223.57  SR 113 south – Evans NotchNorthern terminus of SR 113
Bethel11.8719.10   SR 5 south / SR 35 south (Lovers Lane) – WaterfordWestern end of concurrency with SR 5; northern terminus of SR 35
12.2019.63  SR 26 south – Bethel, South ParisWestern end of concurrency with SR 26
12.7720.55Androscoggin River
Newry17.9928.95Bear River
18.0529.05  SR 26 north (Bear River Road) – Upton, Errol NHEastern end of concurrency with SR 26
Rumford24.2439.01  SR 5 north (Ellis River Road) – Andover, South ArmEastern end of concurrency with SR 5
24.8139.93  SR 232 – Bryant Pond, South ParisNorthern terminus of SR 232
34.3955.35  SR 108 (Bridge Street) – Canton, DixfieldWestern terminus of SR 108
35.2156.67  SR 120 west (Hancock Street) – AndoverEastern terminus of SR 120
Mexico35.6657.39  SR 17 north – Rangeley, Scenic HighwayWestern end of concurrency with SR 17
Dixfield40.6165.36  SR 142 – Mount Blue State Park, WeldSouthern terminus of SR 142
No major junctions
No major junctions
FranklinWilton52.6184.67   SR 17 south to SR 4 south – North JayEastern end of concurrency with SR 17
57.4092.38  SR 4 south – Livermore Falls, Jay, AuburnWestern end of concurrency with SR 4
58.3393.87  SR 156 (Depot Street) – Wilton, Weld
Farmington62.32100.29  SR 133 (Livermore Falls Road) – Livermore FallsNorthern terminus of SR 133
65.10104.77  SR 43 west (Bridge Street) – TempleWestern end of concurrency with SR 43
65.25105.01    SR 4 north / SR 27 north / SR 43 east (Main Street) – Saddleback, Sugarloaf, RangeleyEastern end of concurrency with SR 4 / SR 43; western end of concurrency with SR 27
69.66112.11   SR 41 south (Crosswell Road) to SR 156 – Mount Vernon, Farmington FallsNorthern terminus of SR 41
New Sharon74.03119.14  SR 134 north (Starks Road)Western end of concurrency with SR 134
74.24119.48  SR 134 south (Cape Cod Hill Road) – Mount VernonEastern end of concurrency with SR 134
74.83120.43  SR 27 south (Mile Hill Road) – Belgrade Lakes, AugustaEastern end of concurrency with SR 27
SomersetMercer81.52131.19  SR 137 east (Valley Road) – SmithfieldWestern terminus of SR 137
Norridgewock86.58139.34   US 201A north / SR 8 north (Bridge Street) – MadisonWestern end of concurrency with US 201A / SR 8
86.96139.95  SR 8 south (Mechanic Street) – SmithfieldSouthern end of concurrency with SR 8
86.98139.98  SR 139 east (Waterville Road) – WatervilleWestern terminus of SR 139
Skowhegan92.00148.06  US 201A ends
   US 201 south (Waterville Road) / SR 104 (Fairview Avenue) – Fairfield, Fairfield Center
Eastern end of concurrency with US 201A; western end of concurrency with US 201; northern terminus of SR 104
92.37148.66  US 201 northEastern end of concurrency with US 201
92.46148.80  SR 150 (North Avenue) – Guilford, AthensSouthern terminus of SR 150
Canaan100.65161.98  SR 23 south (Hinckley Road) – Hinckley, FairfieldWestern end of concurrency with SR 23
101.14162.77  SR 23 north (Hartland Road) – HartlandEastern end of concurrency with SR 23
Palmyra109.64176.45  SR 152 (Estes Avenue) – Pittsfield, Hartland
112.32180.76  SR 151 (Warren Hill Road) – Hartland, St. AlbansSouthern terminus of SR 151
PenobscotNewport116.38187.30     SR 7 north / SR 11 / SR 100 south (Moosehead Trail) to I-95 – Pittsfield, Moosehead Lake Region, DexterWestern end of concurrency with SR 7 / SR 100; exit 157 on I-95
119.92192.99   SR 7 south (Roussin Road) to I-95 – Dixmont, PlymouthEastern end of concurrency with SR 7; exit 161 on I-95
Etna125.50201.97   SR 143 (Dixmont Road / Lakins Road) to I-95 – Dixmont Center, Stetson
Carmel128.77207.24   SR 69 to I-95 north – Winterport
Bangor141.32227.43     I-395 / I-95 / SR 15 to SR 9 – Bangor, Brewer, Newport, OronoWestern terminus of I-395; exit 182 on I-95
   I-95 / SR 15 – Newport, Augusta, Orono, HoultonExit 183 on I-95
143.68231.23  SR 222Eastern terminus of SR 222
144.00231.75  SR 100 ends / Main StreetEastern end of concurrency with SR 100; former eastern terminus of US 202
    SR 15 Bus. (Broadway) to I-95 / SR 9 – Brewer, Dover-Foxcroft
Orono151.81244.31  SR 16 west (Bennoch Road) – Lagrange, MiloEastern terminus of SR 16
152.14244.85  US 2A east (College Avenue)Western terminus of US 2A
Old Town156.03251.11   US 2A west / SR 43 west – Stillwater, Hudson, Penobscot Indian ReservationEastern terminus of US 2A / SR 43
Milford156.44251.77  SR 178 – Eddington, BradleyNorthern terminus of SR 178
Enfield179.01288.09    SR 6 west / SR 116 south / SR 155 (Hammett Road) – Enfield, HowlandWestern end of concurrency with SR 6 / SR 116
Lincoln189.22304.52   SR 116 north to I-95Eastern end of concurrency with SR 116
190.81307.08  SR 155 – EnfieldNorthern terminus of SR 155
191.02307.42  SR 6 east – TopsfieldEastern end of concurrency with SR 6
Winn201.88324.89  SR 168 south – LeeNorthern terminus of SR 168
Mattawamkeag204.58329.24Mattawamkeag River
204.77329.55   SR 157 to I-95 – Baxter State Park, Medway, MillinocketEastern terminus of SR 157
AroostookMacwahoc Plantation214.02344.43  SR 170 – KingmanNorthern terminus of SR 170
214.33344.93  US 2A east – Haynesville, HoultonWestern terminus of US 2A
Sherman231.67372.84   SR 158 (Woodbridge Corner Road) to I-95 – Sherman, Sherman Mills, PattenEastern terminus of SR 158
Island Falls242.75390.67   SR 159 (Crystal Road) to I-95 – PattenEastern terminus of SR 159
Smyrna253.32407.68  SR 212
Smyrna-Oakfield Road to   I-95
Eastern terminus of SR 212
  I-95 – Bangor, HoultonExit 291 on I-95
Houlton269.76434.14   US 1 north to I-95 – Mars HillWestern end of concurrency with US 1
269.93434.41Meduxnekeag River
270.05434.60  US 2A west (Military Street) – BangorEastern terminus of US 2A
270.12434.72  US 1 south (Court Street) – CalaisEastern end of concurrency with US 1
273.21439.69  I-95 – Woodstock NB, BangorEastern terminus of US 2; exit 305 on I-95
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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