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Transcend Music, is a British record label and artist management company. Founded in 2007 by Rob Ferguson, they have signed acts such as Malefice[1] and The Dirty Youth.

Transcend Music Ltd.
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FounderRob Ferguson
Distributor(s)Universal Music
LocationMilton Keynes, United Kingdom


Transcend Music was founded as Transcend Records in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom in 2007. Initially, the label's main focus was rock and metal, though a wider variety in genre of earlier releases included acid folk and art rock. Founder Rob Ferguson has stated, "starting the label was something I was driven to do out of frustration. I was already working with bands in a management capacity and I felt that I could offer a better solution for those artists to get their music out and advance their careers."[2]

Ferguson had previously worked with artists as diverse as George Harrison, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, Duran Duran, Iron Maiden, The Spice Girls, and Robbie Williams. He was also personal manager to both Matt Goss and Luke Goss from teen band Bros, and continues to represent Matt Goss in his solo career, currently headlining at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

In October 2016 it was announced that British pop supergroup Bros would be re-forming for a one-off show at London's o2 Arena. This show subsequently sold out in 7 seconds, become the fastest ever sellout at the venue promoted by Live Nation. A number of other arena shows have now been announced, Rob Ferguson also heads up the Bros management team.

The label's first full-length release was The Unholy Feast by The More I See, produced by Andy Sneap.[2]

By 2008 the label had expanded to also handle management and merchandise.[2] They also changed their name to Transcend Music. In 2009 they signed an exclusive distribution deal with Plastic Head Music in Europe, the biggest independent distributor in the UK.[3] In March 2010 they announced they had absorbed the management and booking operation Legacy Agency, which had been formed in late 2008 by Carl Sewell. Legacy had by then worked with bands such as Carcer City and While She Sleeps.[4] Transcend Music announced "a major restructuring program" in June 2012, which involved new signings and streamlining measures, as well as absorbing RMR Management.[1][5]

In 2015 Transcend Music evolved in to total music and entertainment consultancy business. The client base now includes, artists, promoters, production companies, and event management organisations.

Interesting connections
Rob Ferguson With Dave Courtney in 2003

Ferguson is featured in a number of real crime books, including two by UK gangster Reggie Kray[6] and more recently in books by modern celebrity gangster Dave Courtney. Ferguson took a number of celebrities to meet Reggie Kray in prison, including the Fun Lovin Criminals. In April 2000 Ferguson was pictured in the funeral cortege of Charlie Kray, in the car with 'Mad' Frankie Fraser and Bartley Gorman King of the Gypsies. Ferguson has also been reported in private meetings with Lord Jeffrey Archer.


Transcend Music has a roster of artists it releases music for or manages and consults for, these include The Dirty Youth, Viking Skull Matt Goss,[2] Crash Mansion,[7] and Stormbringer.[8] Rob Ferguson has stated that he signed Sacred Mother Tongue after first spotting them playing metal covers and a few original songs in a pub.[2]

Current roster[9]Edit



Artist Title Year
The More I See The Unholy Feast 2007
Sacred Mother Tongue "Anger On Reflection" 2009
Scar my Eyes This Machine... 2009
Untamed Insanity Bound 2008
Tides Of Virtue Malevolence 2010
Carcer City The Life We Have Chosen 2011
Imicus Animal Factory 2011
Sacred Mother Tongue The Ruin Of Man 2011
The Dying Reflex Behold The Eve Of Ruin 2011
Andy James Andy James 2011
Imperial Vengeance Black Heart Of Empire 2011
Imperial Vengeance The Twentyshilling and Fourpence V-disc 2011
Six Hour Sundown Jekyll & Hyde 2011
Hellish Outcast Your God Will Bleed 2012
Monument Fatal Attack 2012
Viking Skull Cursed By The Sword 2012
Imicus The Marionette 2012
Sacred Mother Tongue A Light Shines EP 2012
Malefice Entities - Anniversary Edition 2012
Carcer City The Road Journals 2012
Giants There Are The Days 2012
Sondura You Remain 2012
The Dirty Youth Last Confession 2012
Dead Harts Born Into Rags To Die No Richer 2013
Collapse Arms And The Covenant 2013
A Sight For Sewn Eyes Alone Together 2013
Sleep When You're Dead Last Lungs 2013
The Dirty Youth Requiem of the Drunk 2013
Sacred Mother Tongue "A Light Will Shine" 2013
Sacred Mother Tongue Out of the Darkness 2013
Malefice "V" 2013
Heights "The Noble Lie" 2013
Malefice Five 2013
Heights Old Lies For Young Lives 2013
Liferuiner Future Revisionists 2013
Source: The Genepool Discography

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