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Tractor Sports Club (Persian: باشگاه ورزشی تراکتور‎), commonly known as Tractor, formerly Tractor Sazi,[3] is an Iranian football club based in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, that competes in the Persian Gulf Pro League. The club was founded in 1970 by the Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company.

Tractor Sports Club
تراختور سازی
Full nameTractor Sports Club
Founded1970; 50 years ago (1970)
GroundSahand Stadium
OwnerMohammad Reza Zonuzi
ChairmanSajjad Sayah
Head CoachAlireza Mansourian
LeaguePersian Gulf Pro League
2019–20Persian Gulf Pro League, 4th
WebsiteClub website
Current season
Tractor's active sections
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Since the beginning of the 1996–97 season, Tractor has played its home games at the Sahand which has a seating capacity of 66,833,[1] though it is able to hold more people during important matches. Tractor holds the attendance record for a promoted team in Iranian football when they had an estimated average attendance about 57,000 during the 2009–10 season.[4] The club is owned and supported by the businessman Mohammad Reza Zonuzi since 2018.

Tractor is one of the most successful clubs in Tabriz, having won one national cup and one Azadegan League title. The club's colors are red.


Tractor's squad in 1974 before a Takht Jamshid Cup match


Tractor was formed in 1970 in support of the Tractor Manufacturing Company in Tabriz. They played in the Pasargad League for five years until 1975. They finished 1974–75 as the winner of the Pasargard League and were promoted to the Takht Jamshid Cup (now the Iran Pro League). In their first season in the Takht Jamshid Cup, they were in poor form, and as a result they were relegated to the Pasargard League after just one year in the first division. They also lost the Hazfi Cup final to Malavan in the cup's inaugural edition. After their relegation, Hossein Fekri remained as the club's manager and led them to a return to the first division for the 1977–78 season, which they finished in 5th place. In the 1978–79 season, which never finished due to the Iranian Revolution, they were in 8th place with twelve matches played. Their rival at the time was Machine Sazi, who are also based in Tabriz.


In the 1980s the national league was suspended due to the Iran–Iraq War, therefore Tractor were forced to compete in the Tabriz Local Leagues for many years. In the 1986–87 Qods League the East Azerbaijan Provincial team, with a mix of players from Tractor and rivals Machine Sazi, made it to the final, but were defeated in the final by the Isfahan Provincial team.


Romanian coach Vasile Godja was in charge of Tractor's youth teams from 1986. He was also a worker at the Tractor Company and discovered various talents as the B team's coach. He also discovered and trained various talented players like Karim Bargheri, Sirous Dinmohammadi, Alireza Nikmer and Hossein Khatibi which, in time, played for Iran's national team. In 1990, he was promoted to first team coach and led the club in the 1992–93 season, finishing third place in the national competition. Esmail Halali was their star in this period. Under his leadership in 1994, Tractor made the finals of the Hazfi Cup again, this time losing to Bahman in the final, and won the MILLS International cup in India in 1995.

Godja left the team in 1997 after eight years in charge of the club. Mohammad Hossein Ziaei then became the player-coach of Tractor. At this time, notable players of the team started their migration to the other clubs. 1998 to 2001 they finished the league in mid-table.

Iran Pro LeagueEdit

In 2001, IRIFF formed the Iran Pro League as the professional league. The inaugural 2001–02 season under Reza Vatankhah and Mahmoud Yavari's management, saw Tractor relegated to the Azadegan League after the club finished bottom of the league.

Relegation to Azadegan LeagueEdit

Tractor spent seven seasons in the Azadegan League (Iran's second division) and were unable to climb to the Iran Pro League. Tractor qualified for the promotion play-off in the 2006–07 season but lost to Shirin Faraz 4–2. After the appointment of Faraz Kamalvand as the manager before the 2008–09 season, Tractor were promoted to the Iran Pro League for the first time in 8 years.

Return to Pro LeagueEdit

Tractor players in 2019–20 season.

In the 2011–12 season and under Amir Ghalenoei's management, Tractor finished as runners-up, securing a spot for the 2013 AFC Champions League. This was the first time Tractor had qualified for the competition, subsequently qualifying for the 2014 and 2015 editions as well. In July 2012, former S.L. Benfica and Sevilla FC coach, Toni was named as the club's manager. He led the club to a runners up finish in the Iran Pro League.

Champions LeagueEdit

Toni, who won the 2013–14 Hazfi Cup and ended up as runners up in 2012–13 and 2014–15 Pro League.

After a fall out between Oliveira and the club chairman, Oliveira was sacked and Majid Jalali was brought in for the 2013–14 season. After a poor run of results Jalali was fired and Toni returned, almost immediately leading Tractor to a Hazfi Cup Championship, and a place in the 2015 AFC Champions League. They also finished the season in the 6th place, after they defeated Esteghlal 3–1 in the last match at Azadi Stadium. Tractor were also unable to qualify for the knock-out stage of the AFC Champions League for the second consecutive year, after they finished 4th in their group in both the 2013 and 2014 editions. In 2015, Tractor again were eliminated in the group stage of the AFC Champions League for the third straight time.

On 15 May 2015, the final match of the season was played between Tractor and Naft Tehran. The match took place at Sahand Stadium in Tabriz. After communication issues at the stadium, Tractor staff mistakenly thought that Sepahan was losing to Saipa, which would mean Tractor would win the league with a draw. Tractor tied the game, believing that a 3–3 draw with Naft had won them the title. While they were celebrating with their fans on the field, they found out that the actual result of the parallel game was 2–0 for Sepahan and that Sepahan were league champions. Tractor finished as runners-up for the third time, with Amir Ghalenoi in 2012–13 and Toni in 2012–13 and 2014–15.[5][6]

Celebration after a 2–0 win against Pakhtakor in 2016 AFC Champions League group stage match.

Midway through the 2015–16 season Tractor head coach Toni was once again sacked and replaced by Amir Ghalenoi. On 24 February 2016 Tractor won their first match of the 2016 AFC Champions League in a 4–0 win against Emirati club Al Jazira. Tractor won the return leg 1–0 on 2 March 2016 in Abu Dhabi as well. After the first two games, Tractor surpassed the most points they ever gained in the AFC Champions League group stage. Tractor qualified for the knock-out stages of the Champions League for the first time in their history on 19 April 2016 after defeating Saudi club Al-Hilal 2–0. Tractor eventually lost in the Round of 16 to Emirati club Al Nasr.

In the 2016–17 season, Tractor defeated Zob Ahan in the semi final of the Hazfi Cup to reach the final against Naft Tehran. In January 2017 it was revealed that Tractor had been suspended from two transfer windows by FIFA due to outstanding debts to former players. This led to the club terminating the contract of Sajjad Shahbazzadeh whom they had signed days earlier.


Fans before a Pro League match.
Tractor supporters damaging the Azadi Stadium in 2018. The symbol of Turkey is visible on the clothes of one of Tractor fans.

Official anthemEdit

There are a lot of popular marches for Tractor S.C. but 'Tiraxtur iftixarımız' ('Tractor is our pride'), created and implemented in 2012, was chosen as the official anthem. The table below shows the lyrics of the Tractor fans anthem:[citation needed].

ظفر مارشین چالان بیزیک
قهرمانلیق بیزیمکی دیر
آذربایجان دیاریمیز
ادب، شرف شوعاریمیز

بیرلیک گۆجون اینانمیشیق
چوخ مئیدانلار دوْلانمیشیق
آذربایجان دیاریمیز
ادب، شرف شوعاریمیز

دونیا بوْیو قالان بیزیک
ایرانا باش اوْلان بیزیک
تیراختور ایفتیخاریمیز
تیراختور ایفتیخاریمیز(۲)

داغلار کیمی دایانمیشیق
ایفتیخارلار قازانمیشیق
تیراختور ایفتیخاریمیز
تیراختور ایفتیخاریمیز(۲)

We are those who plays the victory march,
We are those who are immortal,
Hereoism is ours,
We're the head of Iran.

Azerbaijan is our land,
Tractor is our pride,
Courtesy and honor is our slogan,
Tractor is our pride.

We have faith in the strength of the union,
We have stood like the mountains,
We have traveled many arenas,
We have won many honors.

Azerbaijan is our land,
Tractor is our pride,
Courtesy and honor is our slogan,
Tractor is our pride.

Violence and racist slogansEdit

In home games, Tractor fans often shout racial insults and calls to violence against the other ethnic groups in Iran, in particular Persians and Kurds.[7] Some supporters also carry the Azerbaijani flag inside the stadium.[8] In a match on November 1, 2019, in response to Turkey's recent military operation against the Syrian Kurds, the ethnic Azerbaijani Tractor fans chanted "Death to Kurds!" throughout the match and carried banners stating "Either Czechoslovakia or Yugoslavia!", in reference to the Yugoslav Wars.[9]

Damage to opponent's stadiumsEdit

Tractor supporters damaging the Azadi Stadium in 2018.

In some away games, Tractor fans burned the stadium seats and damaged the walls of the stadium. In 2018, they inflicted heavy damage on the Azadi stadium.[10] In 2017, They did damage to Yadegar-e Emam Stadium of Qom.[11]


From its foundation, the team used a red crest. On the exterior circle, the name of the club and the date of its foundation were written. The second crest was white until 2013, when the club changed the colour of the crest to black.


They were previously sponsored by the Hamrah-e Aval (Mobile Telecommunication Company). In July 2018, the club signed a contract with Merooj, starting from 2017–18 Iran Pro League season.


The official matches of the club in Iran Pro League, Hazfi Cup and AFC Champions League are broadcast from Sahand TV (The club's city owned TV station), Varzesh and Shoma channels. Online viewing is also available on the official site of the club and three above TV channels sites. Important matches are also broadcast from IRIB TV3, Jame Jam and SAHAR TV.


The club is owned by the Tractor Manufacturing Company since its establishment in 1970. Since 2011, it has been owned by Kowsar Foundation (51%),[12] with 30% of the club belonging to the East-Azerbaijan Province.[13] In addition, the Iranian Mehr Institute is an affiliate of Kowsar Foundation and other stakeholders and custodians of the club. Kowsar Foundation is part of Sepah Pasdaran – with the club enabling its players to complete their military service. Since 2018, the club has been owned by Mohammad Reza Zonuzi, an Iranian businessman and shareholder.


Tractor has most rivalry with two big Iranian football clubs, Esteghlal and Persepolis.

Persepolis–Tractor rivalryEdit

Persepolis–Tractor rivalry started in 2009 when Tractor returned to first tier of Iranian football league after 8 years and their fans had passion about this event. Mustafa Denizli is one of the club's most popular coaches in this rivalry. In 2019, Tractor defeated Persepolis after more than five years when Denizli was the head coach.[14][15]

Esteghlal–Tractor rivalryEdit

This rivalry started in 2009 and in the past years this rivalry was a bit overwhelmed by violence from both fans. On 10 May 2015, Tractor defeated Esteghlal with 4 goals.[16] On 1 November 2019, they were beaten 4–2 by Esteghlal in Yadegar-e Emam Stadium.[17]

Machine Sazi–Tractor rivalryEdit

Tractor has brotherly relationship with Machine Sazi (another football club from Tabriz). During the 1970s both Tractor and Machine Sazi met regularly in the Takht Jamshid Cup and both teams had some memorable successes in the fixture. Following the creation of the Azadegan League, Machine Sazi and Tractor met twice in the 1996–97 Azadegan League.

Machine Sazi's promotion to the Iran Pro League in 2016 saw fans eagerly anticipating the first league derbies in 7 years.

Affiliated clubsEdit


Current squadEdit

As of 27 November 2020

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK   IRN Mohammad Reza Akhbari
3 DF   IRN Mohammad Reza Khanzadeh
4 DF   IRN Hadi Mohammadi
6 MF   IRN Akbar Imani
7 MF   IRN Masoud Shojaei (captain)
8 MF   IRN Saeid Mehri
10 FW   ALG Okacha Hamzaoui
11 FW   IRN Mehdi Tikdari
14 DF   IRN Meysam Teymouri
15 DF   IRN Vafa Hakhamaneshi
17 MF   IRN Reza Shekari U23
18 MF   IRN Ali Fathi U23
20 FW   IRN Mehdi Babri U23
21 MF   IRN Ashkan Dejagah (vice-captain)
23 FW   IRN Mohammad Abbaszadeh
No. Pos. Nation Player
24 MF   IRN Mohammad Mehdi Ghanbari
28 DF   IRN Ehsan Hajsafi (3rd captain)
30 MF   IRN Saeed Vasei
33 GK   IRN Habib Far Abbasi
34 DF   IRN Milad Fakhreddini
35 FW   IRN Mohammad Sajjad Gholibeigi U23
36 MF   IRN Ali Najjafi U23
38 MF   IRN Abolfazl Poursheikh U21
39 MF   IRN Hossein Alizadeh U21
44 DF   IRN Erfan Seyedi U21
48 MF   IRN Mohammad Khorram
66 MF   IRN Hamid Bou Hamdan
69 GK   IRN Reza Seyf Ahmadi U23
70 FW   IRN Amin Asadi
99 FW   IRN Mohammad Ghaderi U21
  • U19 = Under 19 Player
  • U21 = Under 21 Player
  • U22 = Under 22 Player
  • U23 = Under 23 Player

For recent transfers, see List of Iranian football transfers summer 2020.


Sahand Stadium is the home ground of the club.

Tractor played their home matches from 1979 until 1996 in the 20,000 capacity Bagh Shomal Stadium (Takhti Stadium), 1976 AFC Asian Cup stadium. Sahand Stadium (Yadegar-e Emam Stadium) was replaced with Bagh-e Shomal Stadium after it was completed in January 1996. The stadium is the second biggest stadium in Iran with 66,833 seats. The stadium is also part of Tabriz Olympic Complex.

During Sahand Stadium's renovation in 2005 until 2006 years, Bakeri Stadium was the club's home ground in the Azadegan League matches. The stadium has 10,000 capacity.

Recent seasonsEdit

The results of the club in last 10 years.

Season Position MP W D L GF GA GD Pts Hazfi Cup ACL Top Scorers(Goals) Manager(s)
2018–19 PGP 5th 30 14 10 6 42 25 +17 52 1/16 Final  –   A. Stokes(11)   A. Dejagah(6)   John Toshack   Georges Leekens
2017–18 PGP 10th 30 8 10 12 28 33 −5 34 1/4 Finals GS   E. Pahlevan(6)   M. Iranpourian(6)   Y. Golmohammadi   E. Sağlam
2016–17 PGP 3rd 30 15 11 4 38 24 +14 56 Runners-up  –   F. Hatami(7)   Edinho(7)   A. Ghalenoei  –
2015–16 PGP 4th 30 13 12 5 43 27 +16 51 Semi Final 1/8 Final   A. Nong(7)   M. Iranpourian(7)   Toni   A. Ghalenoei
2014–15 PGP Runners-up 30 17 7 6 58 34 +24 58 1/16 Final GS   Edinho(20)   S. Nariman Jahan(9)   R. Khatibi   Toni
2013–14 PGP 6th 30 11 13 6 39 33 +6 45 Champions GS   K. Ansarifard(14)   S. Daghighi(5)   M. Jalali   Toni
2012–13 PGP Runners-up 34 18 11 5 55 32 +23 65 1/8 Final GS   M. Salehi(16)   Flavio Paixao(10)   Toni  –
2011–12 PGP Runners-up 34 19 9 6 57 32 +25 66 1/16 Final  –   Flavio Paixao(10)   Tosi(8)   A. Ghalenoei  –
2010–11 PGP 5th 34 15 12 7 42 29 +13 57 1/8 Final  –   A. Alizadeh(8)   Karrar(8)   F. Kamalvand  –
2009–10 PGP 7th 34 11 14 9 43 42 +1 47 1/8 Final  –   M. Ebrahimi(10)  F. Kheirkhah(10)   F. Kamalvand  –


The table below chronicles the achievements of Tractor in various competitions.

Season League Position Hazfi Cup ACL Notes
1971–72 Local League 4th
Not held
Not held
Region C
1972–73 2nd Division 4th Group B
1973–74 2nd Division 2nd
1974–75 2nd Division 1st Promoted
1975–76 Takht Jamshid Cup 16th Final Relegated
1976–77 2nd Division 2nd 1/8 Final Promoted
1977–78 Takht Jamshid Cup 5th
Not held
1978–79 Takht Jamshid Cup Did not finish
1980–81 Tabriz Football League 10th
Did not qualify
1981–82 Tabriz Football League's 2nd Div. 1st Promoted
1982–83 Tabriz Football League 6th
1983–84 5th
1984–85 1st
1985–86 2nd
1986–87 3rd
1987–88 2nd
1988–89 2nd
1989–90 Qods League 4th Quarter Finals
1990–91 2nd Division 3rd 1/8 Final Promoted
1991–92 Azadegan League 10th Not held
1992–93 3rd Not held
1993–94 8th Final
1994–95 9th First Round Relegated
1995–96 2nd Division 2nd Second Round Promoted
1996–97 Azadegan League 11th Second Round
1997–98 9th Not held
1998–99 11th Second Round
1999–00 6th 1/16 Final
2000–01 12th Second Round
2001–02 Iran Pro League 14th Third Round Relegated
2002–03 Azadegan League 3rd Second Round
2003–04 8th Third Round
2004–05 7th Third Round
2005–06 2nd Second Round
2006–07 1st Second Round Promoted to Play Off
2007–08 4th 1/16 Final
2008–09 1st Quarter Finals Promoted
2009–10 Persian Gulf Cup 7th Second Round
2010–11 5th 1/8 Final
2011–12 2nd 1/16 Final
2012–13 2nd 1/8 Final Group Stage
2013–14 6th Champion Group Stage
2014–15 2nd 1/16 Final Group Stage
2015–16 4th Semi Final 1/8 Final
2016–17 3rd Final
Did not qualify
2017–18 10th Quarter Finals Group Stage
2018–19 5th Round of 32 Did not qualify
2019–20 4th Champion Did not qualify


Tractor players celebrating winning Hazfi Cup in 2014

Official titlesEdit

  Runner up (3): 2011–12, 2012–13, 2014–15
  Third Place (2): 2016–17, 1992–93
  Winner (2): 2013–14, 2019–20
  Runner up (3): 1975–76, 1994–95, 2016–17
  Winner (1): 2008–09
  Winner (1): 1974–75
  Runner up (2): 1976–77, 1995–96
  Winner (1): 1992
  Winner (1): 1984–85
  Winner (1): 1981–82

Unofficial titlesEdit

  •   MILLS International Cup
  Winner (1): 1995
  •   Sardaran Shahid International Cup
  Winner (2): 1995, 1996
  •   Shohada Cup
  Winner (2): 2014, 2017


Current coaching staffEdit

Position Staff
head coach   Alireza Mansourian
Assistant coaches   Mohammad Khorramgah

  Alireza Dehghani

Fitness coach   Hashem Khodadadi
Goalkeeper coach   Alin Dincă
Analyst   Ali Mohajer

  Mohammad Reza Tavakoli

Team manager   Hassan Azarnia


Position Staff
Owner Mohammad Reza Zonouzi
President Gholamreza Sadeghian
Vice President Kazem Shahriyari
Board chairman Abbas Elyasi
Board members

Alireza Navin
Mohammad Javad Dolfkar
Ghafour Kargari
Dara Ghaznavi
Mohammad Ali Mojtahedi
Saeed Abbasi

Fans club president Esmaeil Ghilichkhani
Academy manager Sadegh Pourhossein

Sports statisticsEdit

  • Updated to May 2017.

General informationEdit

Concept Times
Seasons in Iran 1st Tier League 23
Seasons in Iran 2nd Tier League 12
Promotions to Iran 1st Tier League 4
Participations in the Hazfi Cup 27
Participations in Asian competitions 5
All-time best position in Iran Pro League 2nd

Asian recordEdit

Asian Club Championship / AFC Champions LeagueEdit

Accurate as of 21 January 2019
Competition Played Won Drew Lost GF GA GD Win%
AFC Champions League 32 8 6 18 35 49 −14 025.00

Legend: GF = Goals For. GA = Goals Against. GD = Goal Difference.

Asian Club Championship / AFC Champions League
Season Round Rival Home Away Agg.
2013 Group Stage
(Group A)
  Al-Jazira 3–1 0–2
  El Jaish 2–4 3–3
  Al-Shabab 0–1 0–1
2014 Group Stage
(Group C)
  Al-Ittihad 1–0 0–2
  Lekhwiya 0–1 0–0
  Al-Ain 2–2 1–3
2015 Group Stage
(Group D)
  Nasaf Qarshi 1–2 1–2
  Al-Ahli 1–0 2–3
  Al-Ahli 2–2 0–2
2016 Group Stage
(Group C)
  Al-Jazira 4–0 1–0
  Pakhtakor 2–0 0–1
  Al-Hilal 1–2 2–0
Round of 16   Al-Nasr 3–1 1–4 4–5
2018 Group Stage
(Group A)
  Al-Jazira 1–1 0–0
  Al-Ahli 0–1 0–2
  Al-Gharafa 1–3 0–3

Top goalscores in ACLEdit

Rank Player Goals Seasons
1   Geílson Soares 3 1
  Bakhtiar Rahmani 3 1
  Farzad Hatami 3 1
2   Mehdi Seyed-Salehi 2 1
  Edinho 2 1
  Farshad Ahmadzadeh 2 2
  Aloys Nong 2 1
  Augusto 2 1
3   Karim Ansarifard 1 1
  Saeed Daghighi 1 1
  Flávio Paixão 1 1
  Shahin Saghebi 1 2
  Mehdi Sharifi 1 1
  Saeid Aghaei 1 1
  Shoja' Khalilzadeh 1 1
  Masoud Ebrahimzadeh 1 2
  Javad Kazemian 1 2
  Mohammad Iranpourian 1 4
  Milad Fakhreddini 1 2

Individual recordsEdit

Lists of the players with the most caps and top goalscorers for the club, as of 3 June 2019.Mohammad Ebrahimi is the club's all-time most capped player and top scorer with 31 goals in 180 games. This list includes goals from all competitive matches.

Mohammad Ebrahimi is leading all time goalscorer's list for the club.
Top Ten Highest Goalscorers
Player Period Appearances Goals
1   Mohammad Ebrahimi 2009–15, 2016–18 180 31
2   Edinho 2014–15, 2016–17 52 27
3   Farzad Hatami 2011–12, 2016–2018 83 23
4   Flávio Paixão 2011–13 67 21
5   Mehdi Seyed-Salehi 2012–13 38 19
6   Karim Ansarifard 2013–14 35 17
7   Anthony Stokes 2018–2019 24 13
8   Karrar Jassim 2009–11, 2016–17 70 13
9   Mohammad Nosrati 2009–10, 2010–11, 2012–14 123 12
10   Saman Nariman Jahan 2014–2015 43 11
11   Ali Alizadeh 2010–12 40 10


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