Takht Jamshid Cup

The Takht Jamshid Cup (Persian: جام تخت جمشید‎) was a national football league based in Iran which lasted from 1973 to 1978.

Takht Jamshid Cup
جام تخت جمشید
Country Iran
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toDivision 2
Domestic cup(s)Hazfi Cup
Most championshipsPersepolis, Pas Tehran (2 titles)


Before 1970Edit

Before the 1970s, Iran did not have an official national football league. Most clubs participated in championships of their city or province. Therefore the champion of the Tehran Premier League was seen as the Iranian football champion. Due to their achievements in the Tehran Premier League, Shahin Tehran and Taj, today known as Esteghlal, were the most popular teams at this time. Also Daraei and PAS Tehran were successful clubs in the local Tehran Province League.

Takht Jamshid CupEdit

Persepolis winning the Takht Jamshid Cup in 1973

In 1972, the Takht Jamshid Cup was founded as the national league and included teams from all over the country. The Iranian Football Federation had decided to create a league similar to European football leagues. The league was named after Jamshid, a mythological figure of Greater Iranian culture and tradition. The Takht Jamshid Cup comprised twelve clubs in the 1973–74 season. Persepolis became the first champions of the Takht Jamshid Cup, two points ahead of rival Taj.

Before the beginning of the 1974–75 season, the number of teams were increased from twelve to 16 teams. Esteghlal claimed its first Takht Jamshid Cup title after winning the league ahead of Persepolis. The 1975–76 Takht Jamshid Cup was won by Persepolis with a great performance by Iranian football legend Ali Parvin. The second place team was another Tehran based club, Homa. The next two seasons were won by PAS Tehran under coach Hassan Habibi. PAS Tehran won their championships both times ahead of Persepolis. At this time the Takht Jamshid Cup was one of the strongest football leagues in Asia. The Iran national football team won in 1976 their third successive AFC Asian Cup and qualified 1978 for the FIFA World Cup for the first time in the country's history.

1979 Revolution and 1980sEdit

The 1978–79 Takht Jamshid Cup season was abandoned due to the 1979 Revolution. Shahbaz was leading the league after twelve matchdays ahead of Persepolis and Taj. Due to the Islamic Revolution and the Iran–Iraq War, the Takht Jamshid Cup was dissolved and also the lower leagues were unorganized. Once again the champion of the Tehran Province League was seen as the Iranian football champion.

Takht Jamshid Cup ChampionsEdit

Season Winner Runner-up Third place
1973–74 Persepolis Taj Pas
1974–75 Taj Persepolis Homa F.C.
1975–76 Persepolis Homa F.C. Pas
1976–77 Pas Persepolis Shahbaz
1977–78 Pas Persepolis Malavan
1978–79 Not Completed due to 1979 Revolution

Shahbaz F.C. was league leader when in autumn 1978 the season was canceled.

Total TitlesEdit

Runner Up
3rd place
Persepolis 2 (1973–74), (1975–76) 3 (1974–75), (1976–77), (1977–78) -
Pas Tehran 2 (1976–77), (1977–78) - 2 (1973–74) (1975–76)
Taj 1 (1974–75) 1 (1973–74) -
Homa F.C. - 1 (1975–76) 1 (1974–75)
Shahbaz - - 1 (1976–77)
Malavan - - 1 (1977–78)

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