Toyama Bay

Toyama Bay (富山湾, Toyama-wan) is a bay located on the northern shores of the Hokuriku region of Honshu, Japan on the Sea of Japan The bay borders Toyama and Ishikawa prefectures. The bay is known for the mirages on the horizon during the winter months and for being a spawning ground for the firefly squid.[2][3] It is also one of Japan's three largest bays.[1] Parts of the bay are within the borders of the Noto Hantō Quasi-National Park.[4]

Toyama Bay
Toyama Bay001.jpg
Toyama Bay from a beach in Toyama
Toyama Bay is located in Japan
Toyama Bay
Toyama Bay
Coordinates36°50′N 137°10′E / 36.833°N 137.167°E / 36.833; 137.167Coordinates: 36°50′N 137°10′E / 36.833°N 137.167°E / 36.833; 137.167
River sourcesKurobe, Jōganji, Jinzū, Shō
Ocean/sea sourcesSea of Japan
Basin countriesJapan
Max. depthmore than 1,200 m (3,937 ft)[1]
SettlementsKurobe, Uozu, Namerikawa, Toyama, Imizu, Takaoka, Himi, Nanao


Border communitiesEdit

Toyama Prefecture
Kurobe, Uozu, Namerikawa, Toyama, Imizu, Takaoka, Himi
Ishikawa Prefecture


Kurobe River, Jōganji River, Jinzū River, Shō River, etc.


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