Torneo Argentino C

The Torneo Argentino C (officially Torneo del Interior)[1] was one of the two leagues that form the regionalised fifth level of the Argentine football league system. The competition was organized by the Federal Council (Consejo Federal), an internal organ of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), and was contested by clubs indirectly affiliated to the Association. In other words, the clubs that played in the tournament are affiliated to their local leagues, that in turn are affiliated to AFA.

Torneo Argentino C
Country Argentina
Level on pyramid5
Promotion toTorneo Argentino B
Relegation toRegional Leagues
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The tournament was disputed by teams from all around the country, except from Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires, Rosario and Santa Fe, whose teams are directly affiliated. Teams directly affiliated play in the other regionalised fifth tier, the Primera D Metropolitana.

Teams in the Argentino C played for promotion to the Torneo Argentino B. On the other hand, there is no unique league below this level. Teams were relegated to their original regional leagues.

List of championsEdit

European-styled seasons
Season Champions Also Promoted
2005 Rivadavia (L)
Real Arroyo Seco
Crucero del Norte
2006 Bella Vista (BB) Deportivo Coreano
2007 Atenas (RC)
Liniers (BB)
Tiro Federal (M)
Colegiales (C)
Defensores (S)
Tres Algarrobos
2008 Concepción
Huracán Corrientes
Sportivo del Bono
Unión (MdP)
2009 Independiente (T)
Unión (VK)
Ferro Carril Sud (O)
Boca (RG)
2010 Origone
Argentino (25dM)
Sarmiento (SdE)
Altos Hornos Zapla
2011 Huracán (LH)
Once Tigres
San Martín (F)
Jorge Newbery (VT)
Jorge Brown (P)
2012 Estudiantes (SL)
Independiente (C)
Rivadavia (VT)
Independiente (N)
2013 None 21 clubs in 7 zones
(3 in each zone)
2014 30 clubs

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