Tom Holland (artist)

Tom Holland (born 1936 in Seattle, Washington, United States) is an American visual artist. Holland is known for creating a style of art that may use fiberglass (or fibreglass), aluminum (or aluminium), epoxy paint, plywood, beads, oil paint, palette knives, marble, copper, paper, and clay. For clay he uses watercolor, acrylic urethane, and ceramic glazes.[1]

Tom Holland
Born1936 (age 83–84)
Known forAbstract mixed media, geometric wall relief

Background and educationEdit

Holland began his formal art education at the University of California at Berkeley, where he was influenced by David Park [2] before traveling to Chile as a Fulbright Grant recipient. Holland's early academic art influence was David Park at Berkeley, but his artistic style continued to develop through his travels and personal experiences.[3]


Contemporary practiceEdit

His beginning as a painter was labeled "funky".[4] It wasn't until Holland began to work with aluminum that he achieved critical acclaim. His work has been described as taking inspiration from Cubism, Futurism, and Constructivism,[5][6][7] and he has been called one of California's most important contemporary artists and was featured in Art in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945–1980: An Illustrated History.[8]

Holland works primarily with fiberglass and aluminum to create free-standing and wall installations, a style that has been said to encompass Abstract Expressionism (8). He creates his art by riveting metal to the fiberglass or aluminum, then using epoxy paint to add other elements to the piece which add depth, light, and color.[2] His work has been labeled exhilarating[3] and visually challenging, playing games and distorting the three-dimensional space.[9] Holland is represented by Bivins Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

Solo exhibitionsEdit

  • 1966 : Nicholas Wilder Gallery, Los Angeles
  • 1970 : Neuendorf Gallery, Hamburg
  • 1972 : Felicity Samuel Gallery, London
  • 1972 : San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco
  • 1980 : James Corcoran Gallery – Santa Monica
  • 1982 : Corcoran Gallery
  • 1983 : Bank of America Galleries, Santa Monica
  • 1989 : Persons and Lindell Gallery, Helsinki
  • 1994 : San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose
  • 1995 : Triton Museum, Silicon Valley
  • 2002 : John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco
  • 2017 : Bivins Gallery



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