Titanus is an Italian film production company, founded in 1904 by Gustavo Lombardo (1885–1951). The company's headquarters are located at 28 Via Sommacampagna, Rome and its studios on the Via Tiburtina, 13 km from the centre of Rome.

TypeProduction company
Founded1904; 119 years ago (1904)
FounderGustavo Lombardo

Lombardo ran the studios until his death in 1951. His son, Goffredo Lombardo (1920–2005) and later his grandson, Guido Lombardo have continued to run the company.[citation needed]

Seat at Via Sommacampagna 28 in Roma

The company has been responsible for hundreds of Italian productions.[citation needed] Titanus made many peplum films and comedies featuring Totò and Franco and Ciccio.[citation needed] The film The Shortest Day was not only a parody of The Longest Day but featured a galaxy of stars who made the film to help the studio.[citation needed] The studio made numerous international co-productions with American (Sodom and Gomorrah, The Angel Wore Red) and French (Plein Soleil) film studios.[citation needed]

After the arrival of the French new wave films, Titanus launched a "youth operation", which gave young film artists a chance to create low-budget films with relative freedom.[1] This had approximately 100 first and second productions for Titanus made between 1960 and 1965.[1] This included films by new directors such as Ermanno Olmi, Elio Petri, Damiano Damiani and Lina Wertmuller.[1] Titanus closed down its production branch in 1964.[2]

After a hiatus of approximately ten years, Titanus reorganized and resumed film production on a smaller scale.[citation needed] Despite a few false starts, the company seemed to be back on its feet by the late 1980s, though, now, most of its work is being done for television.[citation needed]

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