Timoleon Ambelas

Timleon Ambelas (Greek: Τιμολέων Αμπελάς, 1850–1929) was a Greek poet.

Timleon Ambelas
Τιμολέων Αμπελάς
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NationalityFlag of Greece Greek
Occupationjournalist, writer
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Ampelas was born in the city of Patras in Greece and he lived much of his time in the capital city of Athens and in the island of Syros. He studied law in 1874 and became justice and withdrew totally from the judicial branch as judge of the court of appeal. From those members of the Philological Council of Athens Parnassos. He began to write theatrical works.


Here are several works created by Ampelas:

Title Greek transliteration English name Year Publisher and/or Location
Istoria tis nissou Sirou Ιστορία της νήσου Σύρου History Of The Island Of Syros 1874 Ermoupoli
Alosis tis Troias Άλωσις της Τροίας - - -
Krites kai Venetoi Κρήτες και Βενετοί Cretans and Venetians - -
Neron (Neronas) Νέρων Nero - -
Kleopatra Κλεοπάτρα Cleopatra - Agkyra Publishers, Athens
Evros tis Thrakis Έβρος της Θράκης The Evros Of Thrace - -
Pro Tis Alamanas Πρό της Αλαμάνας - - -
Anamorfotai Αναμορφωταί Transformed - -
Prigkips tou Moreos, now Prigkipas tou Moreos The Prince Of Morea - -

Τιμολέων Αμπελάς


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