Tianyang railway station

Tianyang railway station is the main railway station in Tianyang County, Guangxi, China that formally became part of the NanningBaise section of the Nanning–Kunming high-speed railway on 11 December 2015.[1] It was originally built as part of the Nanning–Kunming railway. It was opened shortly after the formal opening of the railway in 1997[citation needed].


China Railway
LocationTianyang, Guangxi, China
Coordinates23°46′08″N 106°55′57″E / 23.7688°N 106.9324°E / 23.7688; 106.9324Coordinates: 23°46′08″N 106°55′57″E / 23.7688°N 106.9324°E / 23.7688; 106.9324
Opened2 December 1997 (1997-12-02)[citation needed]


The station and its grounds occupy 284,786 m2 (3,065,410 sq ft), and the original construction included a maximum capacity for 300 people at one time in the traveller buildings and 500 m (1,600 ft) a long main side and an island platforms servicing 3 of the 4 tracks.[2]


Preceding station   China Railway High-speed   Following station
towards Nanning
Nanning–Kunming high-speed railway
towards Kunming South


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