Thovalai is a small village located in Thovalai taluk, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, India. The area is well known in India for its production of flowers, especially jasmine. There taluk was among several in Thiruvananthapuram district that with the passage of the States Reorganisation Act of 1956 were transferred from Thiruvananthapuram district, Travancore-Cochin State to the newly created Kanyakumari district of Madras State (the latter later renamed as Tamil Nadu State).

Thovalai தோவாளை തോവാള
An evening in Thovalai
An evening in Thovalai
Flower Town of Travancore
Country India
StateTamil Nadu
 • BodyGram panchayat
 • TotalAround 6,000
 • OfficialTamil
 • OtherMalayalam
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Nearest cityNagercoil
Lok Sabha constituencyKanyakumari


Thovalai Taluk was part of the Princely state Travancore Kingdom, the latter which subsequently became part of the then Travancore-Cochin State. Part of The States Reorganisation Act of 1956 aligned state boundaries on linguistic affiliations. Thovalai, Kalkulam, Vilavancode, and Agastheeswaram Taluks were transferred from Thiruvananthapuram District of the Travancore-Cochin State to Kanyakumari district, Madras State. Madras was later renamed as Tamil Nadu).

Thovalai Azhagiya Kanni Vinayagar TempleEdit

This temple has as its main god, Ganesha. It was built by Azhagiya Nambia Pillai.

Thovalai, Thevar Nager Arulmigu Madanthburan ThirukovilEdit

This temple has as its main gods Varashakthi Vinayagar (வரசக்தி விநாயகர்), Madanthaburan (மாடன்தம்புரான்) and Eswari Amman (ஈஸ்வரி அம்மன்). The temple belongs to Thevar samuthayam (தேவர் சமுதாயம்)

Chekergiri Subramaniaswamy ThirukovilEdit

One of the oldest temples in Thovalai. This temple has its main god Murugan. The main function of this temple was Soorasamgaram. It was the main and grand temple function in Thovalai. The function held on October or November month Every year.

The next main function was Kavadikattuthal for Thiruchedur Murugan. This function was conducted by Chekergiri Subramaniyaswamy Bakthas, Thevar Nager, Thovalai (செக்கர்கிரி சுப்பிரமணிய சுவாமி பக்தர்கள், தேவர் நகர்,தோவாளை) and Thevar Ilaigar Ani (தேவர் இளைஞர் அணி).

Flower industryEdit

Thovalai and the surrounding area is involved in the fresh flower industry for sale to domestic and foreign markets.[1]

The variety of white Jasmine flower (locally called 'Pichchi Vellai' or 'Pichchip poo') is a rarity with a unique scent. It is somewhat similar to 'Jaathi Malligai' which is grown elsewhere.

The village people are quite active throughout the day with the flower business. Especially, the ladies at home are employed in this work and earn a substantial income. This increases the economy of the whole family and also the confidence level of the women.

The Government of India is planning to set up a floriculture research station with a cold storage facility at Thovalai for the benefit of farmers raising flower crops in and around the Kanyakumari district.[1] exporting flowers to foreign markets through Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala state.


There is a secondary government school situated centrally with more than 5 acres (20,000 m2) of ground.[citation needed]

In Thovalai is the CSI Institute of Technology which was established in 1995 and is one of the oldest engineering colleges in Kanyakumari district.[2]

The train makes a stop in the village. The village is on the highway running between Nagercoil and Tirunelveli.[citation needed]

Famous functionsEdit

In Thovalai on a small hill in the middle of the village is where the well-known Subramanaian Temple can be found. At this temple, the Pushbabishekam festival is commonly celebrated at the middle of August. The temple at festival time is filled with all varieties of flowers. After one week of Diwali, Surasamharam festival is celebrated throughout Tamil Nadu including at this temple.


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