Thomas Darcy, 1st Earl Rivers

Thomas Darcy, 1st Earl Rivers (c. 1565 – 25 February 1640) was an English peer and courtier in the reigns of Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I.

The Earl Rivers
1st Earl Rivers
SuccessorJohn Savage, 2nd Earl Rivers
Other titlesViscount Colchester
Baron Darcy of Chiche
BornThomas Darcy
c. 1565
Died25 February 1640 (aged 74–75)
Winchester House, London
BuriedSt Osyth, St Peter and St Paul church, Essex
51°47′55″N 1°04′38″E / 51.79863°N 1.07724°E / 51.79863; 1.07724
Spouse(s)Mary Kitson
IssueThomas Darcy
Edward Darcy
Elizabeth Darcy
Mary Darcy
Penelope Darcy
Susan Darcy
ParentsJohn Darcy, 2nd Baron Darcy of Chiche
Frances Rich

Early life edit

He was the son of John Darcy, 2nd Baron Darcy of Chiche* and Frances Rich. His grandfather was Thomas Darcy, 1st Baron Darcy of Chiche*, a supporter of Lady Jane Grey. He succeeded to his father's title as 3rd Baron Darcy of Chiche* in March 1581. In 1613, he obtained a new grant of the Barony of Darcy of Chiche* with a special remainder, on the failure of his male issue, to his son-in-law, Sir Thomas Savage, and his heirs. He attended the courts of Elizabeth I and James I, and was created Viscount Colchester in the Peerage of England on 5 July 1621.[1] During the reign of Charles I, Darcy was further honoured when he was made Earl Rivers on 4 November 1626.[1] Both of these titles were created with the special remainder to Sir Thomas Savage and his heirs.[2]

*Chiche was the old name for St Osyth, Essex.

Marriage and children edit

Mary Kitson, Countess Rivers, c. 1590

Earl Rivers married Mary Kitson, a daughter of Sir Thomas Kitson, and by her had issue:[3]

Death and succession edit

The Earl died on 25 February 1640 at Winchester House, near Broad Street, London and was buried with his ancestors at St Osyth, Essex.[1] He was succeeded in his titles, except for the original barony of Darcy of Chiche of 1581, by his grandson, John Savage, 2nd Earl Rivers.[1]

An inventory was made of the goods of Mary Countess-Dowager Rivers on 28 June 1644. The furnishings are listed in the rooms of an unnamed house, not St Osyth's Priory.[11]

Notes edit

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Peerage of England
New creation Earl Rivers
2nd creation
Succeeded by
Viscount Colchester
1st creation
Preceded by Baron Darcy of Chiche
1st creation
New creation Baron Darcy of Chiche
2nd creation
Succeeded by