Theodoridas of Syracuse

Theodoridas of Syracuse (Greek: Θεοδωρίδας ὁ Συρακούσιος) was a lyric and epigrammatic poet from Syracuse, who is supposed to have lived at the same time as Euphorion, that is, about 235 BC;[1] for, on the one hand, Euphorion is mentioned in one of the epigrams of Theodoridas,[2] and, on the other hand, Clement of Alexandria quotes a verse of Euphorion ἐν ταῖς πρὸς Θεωρίδαν ἀντιγραφαῖς, where Schneider suggests the emendation Θεοδωρίδαν.[3]

He had a place in the Garland of Meleager. In addition to the eighteen epigrams ascribed to him in the Greek Anthology, about the genuineness of some of which there are doubts,[4][5] he wrote a lyric poem Εἰς Ἔρωτα, upon which a commentary was written by Dionysius, named ὁ Λεπτός,[6] a dithyramb titled "The Centaurs" (Κένταυροι),[7][8] licentious verses of the kind called φλύακες,[9] and some other poems, of which we have a few fragments, but not the titles. The name is more than once confused with Theodorus (Θεόδωρος) and Theodoritos (Θεοδώριτος).[10][11][12][13]


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