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Johann Albrecht Friedrich August Meineke (also Augustus Meineke; German: [ˈmaɪnəkə]; 8 December 1790 – 12 December 1870), German classical scholar, was born at Soest in the Duchy of Westphalia. He was father-in-law to philologist Theodor Bergk.[1]

Johann Albrecht Friedrich August Meineke

He obtained his education at the University of Leipzig as a student of Johann Gottfried Jakob Hermann. After holding an educational post at Danzig (now Gdańsk, Poland), he was director of the Joachimsthal Gymnasium in Berlin from 1826 to 1856.[2] In 1830 he became a member of the Berlin Academy. He died in Berlin on 12 December 1870.[1]

He excelled in conjectural criticism, the comic writers and Alexandrine poets being his favourite authors.[2] He was the first scholar since Richard Bentley to distinguish himself in the critical analyses of Menander and Philemon.[1]

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