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Theodor Willem Johannes Juynboll also: Theodorus Willem Johannes Juijnboll, Theodorus Guiliemus Johannes Juynboll (April 6, 1802 in Rotterdam – 16 September, 1861 in Leiden) was a Dutch Reformed theologian and oriental philologist.

Juynboll, Theodor Willem Johannes
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Theodoor Willem Johannes Juynboll
Born(1802-04-06)April 6, 1802
Died(1861-09-16)September 16, 1861
EducationUniversity of Leiden
OccupationDutch reformed theologian and oriental philologist
Spouse(s)Wilhelmina Eva Verkouteren (1802–1871)
ChildrenAbraham Wilhelm Theodorus Juynboll (1833–1887)
Parent(s)Gualterus Johannes Juynboll and Catharina Johanna Pla.


Theodor William Johannes Juynboll was the son of Gualterus Johannes Juynboll and Catharina Johanna Pla. After his mother died early in his childhood, his father married Johanna Deel and the family moved to The Hague where Theodor attended Latin school. In 1821 he enrolled in theology and Semitic languages at the University of Leiden under Hendrik Arent Hamaker (1789–1835) and Johannes Hendricus van der Palm. His undergraduate thesis[n 1] won him early recognition and in 1828 he earned his doctorate of theology.[n 2].[1]

In 1828, he entered the parish ministry of Voorhout, where he worked as a pastor until 1831 when he succeeded Groenewoud as professor of semitic languages at the Athenaeum in Franeker. He taught Hebrew and Semitic languages and Jewish antiquities and later the Old Testament and Arab writers. He held the Alternate Rectorate of the Educational Institution from 1834 to 1836. In 1840, he received a royal honor as a professor of Oriental languages and Hebrew history at the University of Groningen. In 1841 he succeeded G. Wolters in Groningen university and 4 years later H. E. Weijers, in Leiden. As adjudicator he had R. Dozy (1846–1850) and later Pieter de Jong (1859–1861) and de Goeje. In 1845, he received an honorary doctorate of philosophy from the Senate of Groningen University, a professorship at the Faculty of Philosophy, Leiden University, teaching Oriental languages Arabic, Chaldean, Syriac, and Hebrew. In 1853/54, he became rector of his Alma Mater.

Juynboll was a friend and colleague of the orientalist Ferdinand Wüstenfeld. When Juynboll died prematurely, Wüstenfeld continued his translation work of the great geographic encyclopedia, Mu'jam al-Buldan by Yaqut al-Hamawi, on which Juynboll had been editing an abridgement titled, Marâsid al ittilâ.[2] In 1829, Juynboll ad Wilhelmina Eva Verkouteren (1802–1871) at Voorhout. Their son Abraham Wilhelm Theodorus Juynboll (1833–1887), also gained renown as a philologist. He was a friend of the orientalist Ferdinand Wustenfeld



Much of Juynboll's works deal with the history and literature of the Samaritans:

Edited TextsEdit

  • Lexicon geographicum, cui titulus est, Marâsid al ittilâ’ ‘ala asmâ’ al-amkina wa-l-biqâ, 6 vols, 1852[-]64;[n 3]
  • Kitab al-Buldan of Yaqubi, Ahmad ibn Abi Yaqub (d. 897?)[4]
  • Jaqubi's Kitab al-boldan als: Specimen... exhibens Kitabo'l-Boldan (Lugd. Bat., 1861).[5]
  • Lexicon geographicum.
  • Ibn Taghribirdi's Annals, (unfinished). 4 parts of the first work (Leiden 1850–1864, 1 part Arabic text, in collaboration with J.J.B. Gaal, 3 parts introduction and notes, 2 of which were posthumous). Two parts of the latter have been published, partly in collaboration with B.F. Matthes (Leiden, 1851–1861).
  • Abü'l-Mahäsin ibn Tagri Bardii Annales (Leiden, 1857).
  • Licht gezonden van het Mohammedaansch rechtsboek At-Tanbih auctor Abu Ishak As-Shirazi (Leiden, 1879) [n 4]


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