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Thengar Char (Bengali: টেঙ্গার চর), also known as Char Piya, is an island in Hatiya Upazila, Bangladesh.[1] It is located in the Bay of Bengal, 37 miles from the coast.[2]

Thengar Char
Char Piya
Native name:
টেঙ্গার চর
LocationBay of Bengal
Coordinates22°22′37″N 91°23′46″E / 22.3769°N 91.3961°E / 22.3769; 91.3961Coordinates: 22°22′37″N 91°23′46″E / 22.3769°N 91.3961°E / 22.3769; 91.3961
Area15 sq mi (39 km2)
DivisionChittagong Division
DistrictNoakhali District
UpazilaHatiya Upazila
Additional information
Time zone

The island was formed with Himalayan silt in 2006.[1] It spans 40 square kilometres (15 sq mi; 4,000 ha).[3] It is under water from June to September annually because of the monsoon,[1] and it has no flood fences.[4] There are no roads on the island.[4]

In June 2015, the Bangladeshi government suggested resettling Rohingya refugees on the island.[5] The proposal was characterized by the United Nations Refugee Agency as "logistically challenging".[5] On January 26, 2017, the Bangladeshi government ordered their resettlement nonetheless.[1][2][4] Human Rights Watch called it "a human rights and humanitarian disaster in the making".[1]. The Government of the People’s Republic of bangladesh has since then initiated a mega project whose estimated costs stand at approximately 2300 Crore Bangladeshi Taka(Approximately $280 million). The project is being executed by Bangladesh Navy. The project has already been partially completed. Extensive measures have reportedly been taken to ensure the proper execution of the project, most notable preventing natural disasters from causing any harm to the encampment. Flood walls and other failsafe has been established following strict international engineering standards. Despite various speculation from various parties about the legitimacy and safety of this encampments , the Bangladeshi government has continued to further strengthen the project by ensuring maximum utilization of the best engineers, architects, and overseeing authorities.


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