Dhaka Tribune

The Dhaka Tribune is a national English-language broadsheet daily newspaper published in Dhaka Bangladesh. Its founding editor Zafar Sobhan is regularly asked to comment on Bangladesh related news stories by international broadcasters, on issues such as free speech[1] and refugees.[2]

Dhaka Tribune
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TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)2A Media Limited
PublisherKazi Anis Ahmed
EditorZafar Sobhan
HeadquartersFR Tower, 8/C Panthpath, Shukrabad, Dhaka 1207.

Launched in 2013, it has print and online versions with readers both in Bangladesh and internationally. The newspaper owned by Gemcon Group. The group also owned Bangla Tribune and the literary journal Bengal Lights. The publisher of the news paper is Kazi Anis Ahmed,[3][4][5]


Dhaka Tribune was first published on April 19, 2013 Bangladesh.[6]

With its launch virtually coinciding with the Rana Plaza disaster, its reporters and photographers have covered many major stories with global impact and resonance such as the Rohingya refugee crisis.[7]

In print, the newspaper started as a broadsheet before going compact on March 1, 2015. [8] Since May 1, 2019 it has reverted to broadsheet editions. [9]

The motto of the newspaper is The news you want. No more, no less. It is well known for its award-winning marketing campaigns Glad to be a Bangladeshi and I am made in Bangladesh. Since 2015, Dhaka Tribune has been the main media partner for the Dhaka Literary Festival.[10]

Political positionEdit

The newspaper describes its editorial policy as liberal economically and socially.

Dhaka Tribune actively supports equal gender rights in Bangladesh.[11] and in its editorials has called for discriminatory anti-gay laws in Bangladesh to be repealed.[12] The paper's op-ed pages are open to diverse contributors.

2A Media Limited, a concern of Awami League leader Kazi Nabil Ahmed's Gemcon Group, is its leading shareholder.


The paper publishes a variety of regular supplements including a monthly Arts & Letters magazine.

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