The Yang's Saga

The Yang's Saga (Chinese: 杨家将) is a 1985 Hong Kong historical fantasy action miniseries based on a series of novels and plays titled The Generals of the Yang Family produced by TVB. It aired from 23 to 28 September 1985 on TVB Jade, during the station's anniversary season and temporarily replacing the time slot of Enjoy Yourself Tonight.

The Yang's Saga
HK DVD cover
(from left to right: Michael Miu, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Felix Wong)
GenreHistorical drama
Written byPeter Pang
Directed byJohnnie To
Raymond Lee
Siu Kin-hing
StarringAndy Lau
Tony Leung
Chow Yun-fat
Felix Wong
Michael Miu
Kent Tong
Francis Ng
Ha Yu
Alex Man
Ng Man-tat
Kenneth Tsang
Michael Tao
Paul Chun
Maggie Cheung
Carina Lau
Liza Wang
Carol Cheng
Angie Chiu
Jaime Chik
Kathy Chow
Margie Tsang
Teresa Mo
Sharon Yeung
Mimi Kung
Kiki Sheung
Opening themeYung Tse Mo Tik (勇者無敵)
performed by Leslie Cheung
ComposerJoseph Koo
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes6
Executive producerLee Tim-shing
Camera setupMulti camera
Running time40 minutes per episode
Production companyTVB
Original networkTVB Jade
Original release23 –
28 September 1985 (1985-09-28)
The Yang's Saga
Traditional Chinese楊家將
Simplified Chinese杨家将
Literal meaningGenerals of the Yang Clan

Starring the Five Tiger Generals of TVB, the drama also featured the largest star-studded cast in all of Hong Kong television history, including many of the industry's current top award-winning global television and cinematic stars.[citation needed]


Note: Some of the characters' names are in Cantonese romanisation.

Yeung clanEdit

Cast Role Description
Yeung Chak-lam Yeung Yip
(Yeung Ling-kung)
Patriarch of the Yeung clan and father of the nine Yeung children. He is the reincarnation of the Star of Pang, who was sent to Earth by the Jade Emperor to help the Sung Dynasty counter the Liu invaders.
Sheung Yee Sheh Choi-fa
(Yeung Ling-po)
Yeung Yip's wife and mother of the nine Yeung children
Newton Lai Yeung Yin-yuk
(Yeung Tai-long)
Oldest son
Susanna Au-yeung Cheung Kam-ting
(Yeung Dai-neung)
Yeung Yin-yuk's wife
Francis Ng Yeung Yin-ting
(Yeung Yee-long)
Second son
Kiki Sheung Wan Chui-ying
(Yeung Yee-neung)
Yeung Yin-ting's wife
Lee Kwok-lun Yeung Yin-on
(Yeung Sam-long)
Third son
Teresa Mo Lo So-mui
(Yeung Sam-neung)
Yeung Yin-on's wife
Michael Miu Yeung Yin-fai
(Yeung Say-long)
Fourth son
Mimi Kung Lady Lo
(Yeung Sei-neung)
Yeung Yin-fai's wife
Felix Wong Yeung Yin-tak
(Yeung Ng-long)
Fifth son
Shallin Tse Ma Choi-ying
(Yeung Ng-neung)
Yeung Yin-tak's wife
Andy Lau Yeung Yin-chiu
(Yeung Luk-long)
Sixth son
Carina Lau Princess Chai
(Yeung Luk-neung)
Yeung Yin-chiu's wife. God-daughter of Emperor Toi-tso.
Tony Leung Yeung Yin-chi
(Yeung Chat-long)
Seventh son. He is the reincarnation of the Duke of Thunder, who was sent to Earth by the Jade Emperor to help the Star of Pang.
Margie Tsang To Kam-ngor
(Yeung Tsat-neung)
Yeung Yin-chi's wife. She is a reincarnation of the Goddess of Yellow Heaven, a servant of the Divine Lady of Nine Heavens, who banished her as punishment to Earth for falling in love with the Duke of Thunder.
Sharon Yeung Yeung Yin-kei
(Yeung Bat-mui)
Eighth child and older daughter
Kathy Chow Yeung Yin-ying
(Yeung Kau-mui)
Ninth child and younger daughter
Chun Wong Mang Leung Captain of the Yeung Clan Army
Chan Wing-chun Chiu Chan Mang Leung's deputy
Lee Heung-kam To Dai-neung To Kam-ngor's mother

Poon familyEdit

Cast Role Description
Lau Siu-ming Poon Hung Patriarch of the Poon clan and father of the Poon children. He is the reincarnation of the Mountain Rat Spirit, who descended to Earth himself to seek vengeance and battle the Star of Pang.
So Hang-suen Lady Poon Poon Hung's wife and mother of the Poon children
Felix Lok Poon Lung Poon Hung's oldest son
Michael Tao Poon Fu Poon Hung's second son and third child
Poon Wang-pan Poon Pau Poon Hung's third son and fourth child

Sung royal familyEdit

Cast Role Description
Lam Lap-sam Emperor Toi-tso Founding emperor of the Sung Dynasty
Lee Lung-kei Emperor Toi-tsung Toi-tso's younger brother and successor
Lui Yau-wai Empress Lee Empress of Emperor Toi-tsung
Patricia Chong Consort Poon Poon Hung's only daughter and second child, consort of Emperor Toi-tsung
Kent Tong Prince Bat-yin Son of Emperor Toi-tso and nephew of Emperor Toi-tsung

Sung court officialsEdit

Cast Role Description
Lo Hoi-pang Pao Ching Reincarnation of the Star of Megrez
Ha Yu Kau Chun Reincarnation of the Star of Nunki
Ho Kwai-lam Eunuch Tsui
Lau Dan Fu-yuen Tsan
Liu Kai-chi Fu-yuen Pei-hin Childhood friend of Yeung Yin-chiu and Yeung Yin-chi

Liao DynastyEdit

Cast Role Description
Maggie Li Empress Dowager Siu Reincarnation of the Red-Whiskered Dragon. She rules as regent of the Liu Dynasty in place of her underage son after the death of her husband.
Lau Kong Emperor Ging-tsung Ruler of the Liu Dynasty and husband of Empress Dowager Siu
Jaime Chik Princess Ching-lin Levies Yeung Yin-fai as her prince consort during his captivity
Joan Tong Princess Bik-lin
Kwok Fung Siu Tin-chor Generals of the Liu army. They are actually celestial generals sent to Earth to help the Red-whiskered Dragon attack the Sung Dynasty.
Benz Hui Siu Tin-yau
Stephan Yip Ye-luet Hai-dai General of the Liu army


Cast Role Description
Kenneth Tsang Jade Emperor
Liza Wang Goddess of Mount Wa
Angie Chiu Koon-yam
Maggie Cheung Divine Lady of Nine Heavens Master of the Goddess of Yellow Heaven
Lee Shu-kwai Golden Boy
Maggie Siu Jade Girl
Wong Wun-choi Kwai-kuk-tsi
Ng Man-tat Monk of Mount Ng-toi
Alex Man Philosopher Hon Sheung Eight Immortals
Chow Yun-fat Lui Tung-ban
Carol Cheng Immortal Woman Ho
Tam Bing-man Chung-lei Kuen
Pau Fong Elder Cheung Kwok
Chan Fuk-sang Lam Choi-wo
Cheung Ying-choi Royal Uncle Cho
Chu Tit-wo Iron-Crutch Lee

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