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Michael Miu Kiu-wai (born 18 June 1958) is a Hong Kong actor. He was considered as one of the most popular young actors of the 1980s, and along with Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Felix Wong and Kent Tong, he was the eldest tiger of TVB's Five Tigers. Miu's trade mark role was as the dashing and suave wuxia Knight-errant, though he is perhaps best known for the villainous Yeung Hong in the 1983 TV drama The Legend of the Condor Heroes.

Michael Miu
Born (1958-06-18) June 18, 1958 (age 61)
Other namesSam Gor (三哥; lit. Third Brother),
Ah Miu (阿苗)
Years active1980–1996, 1999, 2004–present
Jaime Chik (m. 1990)
  • Phoebe Miu (daughter) (b. 1991)
  • Murphy Miu (son) (b. 1993)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese苗僑偉
Simplified Chinese苗侨伟

Early LifeEdit

Born in Zhoushan, Zhejiang in 1958, Miu and his mother moved to Hong Kong to rejoin his father when he was five. Miu rarely saw his father, a merchant mariner, and was mainly raised by his mother. Near the end of high school, Miu's father was diagnosed with cancer. As a result he left school and began working as a carpenter to support his family.


Miu was scouted and brought into TVB's Acting Academy in September 1979. While still in training, he made cameo appearances in several major dramas, such as the 1980 The Bund. Miu's debut was in the 1980 The Adventurer's. Immediately after graduating from the Academy, Miu was offered a major role in the 1981 thriller drama The Lonely Hunter, starring alongside his classmate Felix Wong with seniors Carol Cheng and Money Chan.

From 1981 to 1986, Miu together with Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Felix Wong and Kent Tong were promoted as TVB's Five Tigers, a group of five of the most popular and handsome young actors in Hong Kong at the time. In 1987, Miu left TVB, and stepped back from the industry to focus on business.

During the 90s, Miu devoted himself to his eyewear business and earned a reputation as a businessman. Due to the reasons of Hong Kong's economic downturn and uncertainty over retail industry in the future, he sold his business in 2002 to Luxottica.[1] His comeback performance was in the 2004 cop drama The Academy, which earned him major recognition and propelled him forward.

Miu won Best Actor in a Leading Role award at the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2017 for his role as Cheuk Hoi in Line Walker: The Prelude.

Personal lifeEdit

Miu first met Hong Kong actress Jaime Chik in 1981 while shooting for the TVB television drama You Only Live Twice. They began dating but separated a year later.[2] Miu dated Anita Mui briefly in 1983, whom he met on the set of Summer Kisses, Winter Tears. Miu and Chik reconciled, and the couple married in 1990. Miu and Chik have two children - a son, Murphy Miu, and daughter, Phoebe Miu, who is also an actor, both of whom reside in Vancouver, Canada.


Year Film Role Notes
1985 Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars Pagoda
1986 Lucky Stars Go Places Pagoda
1987 Scared Stiff David Miu Tai-wai
White Cuckooflower Li Shaonong
1988 Hero of Tomorrow Sam Gor
The Dragon Family Lung Wai
1989 Return of the Lucky Stars Pagoda
City Cops Ching Shing
Proud and Confident
Little Cop Thousand-faced Man
Close Escape Lam Wai-Tung
1990 Outlaw Brothers Sergeant Tai Hwa Wang
1990 Magic Cop Sergeant No. 2237
1991 The Tigers Malung
1992 Handsome Siblings Kuang Yuk Long, Kuang Fung
1993 Lord of East China Sea
1995 Whatever Will Be, Will Be Peter's Dad
1996 How to Meet the Lucky Stars Pagoda / Ginseng
2004 Love Is a Many Stupid Thing 2004 Richard
Jiang Hu Figo
2006 Wo Hu SP Wai Ting-bong
McDull, the Alumni Senior Superintendent of Police officer
2007 Brothers Tam Chung-yiu
2010 Black Ransom Sam Ho
2011 I Love Hong Kong
2016 New York New York
2017 In the Fog
2018 The Trough
TBD The White Storm 2 - Drug Lords Officer Fung
Year Title Role Notes
1980 The Bund (extra)
Yesterday's Glitter (extra)
The Invincible Medic (extra)
The Adventurer's Yung Wing-hong
1981 The Lonely Hunter Au-yeung Hong
Come Rain, Come Shine
Double Fantasies
The Fate Wilson Chung Wai-shun
The Hawk Prince Har
The Young Heroes of Shaolin Wu Wai-kin
1982 Hong Kong 82 Chow Sing-wai
Ladies of the House Little Bat-leung
A Kid Troupe Yuen Wai
You Only Live Twice Wong Chau-fat / Sheung Tsan-yu
The Legend of Master So Ma Kwan
1983 The Radio Tycoon Lui Hei
The Fortune Teller Lai Bo-yee
The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Iron-Blooded Loyalists Yeung Hong
The Legend of the Condor Heroes: Eastern Heretic and Western Venom
The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Duel on Mount Hua
1984 The Foundation Lee Sai-man
The Fearless Duo Szeto Man-mo
United We Stand Tung Pang-fei
The Rise & Fall of a Stand-In Hung Kiu
Hero Without Tears Siu-ko
The New Adventures of Chor Lau-heung Chor Lau-heung
Summer Kisses, Winter Tears Ling Yue-sam
1985 Sword Stained with Royal Blood Ha Suet-yee
The Condo San Tin-pui
The Yang's Saga "Sei-long" Yang Yin-fai
1986 The Legend of Dik Ching Dik Ching
Pet and Pest Ko Tai-wai
1987 The Dragon Sword Yung Chi-wan
1988 Two Most Honorable Knights Kong Fung
1990 Yuhuo Fenghuang (Fire Phoenix) Zhong Hao
1995 New Justice Pao Sung Ching Wan
1999 Forrest Cat II Wong Kar-hei
2005 The Academy SGT. Lee Man-sing Nominated — TVB Anniversary Awards for Best Actor (Top 5)
Into Thin Air Ko Chung-ching
2006 Au Revoir Shanghai Nip Jun Warehoused
Dicey Business Kiu Ching-chor
2007 The Academy II: On the First Beat SGT. Sunny Lee Man-sing Guest star
Devil's Disciples Szema Fei-sing Guest star
The Drive of Life Wah Man-shek Nominated — TVB Anniversary Awards for Best Actor (Top 20)
Nominated — TVB Anniversary Awards for My Favourite Male Character (Top 24)
ICAC Investigators 2007 Principal Investigator Chan Kwok-wai (DJ) Episode 4: "Over the Line"
2008 Wars of In-Laws II himself Guest star
Love Exchange Mike Yiu Lap-tin Nominated — TVB Anniversary Awards for Best Actor (Top 10)
2009 The Academy III: E.U. Kong Sai-hau Nominated — TVB Anniversary Awards for Best Actor (Top 15)
Nominated — TVB Anniversary Awards for My Favourite Male Character (Top 15)
2010 My Better Half Ching Sum
Gun Metal Grey SIP. Mai On-ting (Mad Sir) Nominated — TVB Anniversary Awards for Best Actor (Top 15)
2012 L'Escargot Kwan Ka-on
Highs and Lows Heung Wing (Gordon)
2013 A Change of Heart Fong Chi Lik
Flower Pinellia (Flower Open in the Middle of Summer) Cheng Hao Mainland China drama on Hunan TV
2014 Line Walker Cheuk Hoi
2016 Way Of The Dragon 2016 Do Ying Hou Mainland China Drama
2017 The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2017 TV series) Huang Yaoshi Mainland China version on Dragon TV
Line Walker: The Prelude Cheuk Hoi «TVB馬来西亞星光荟萃頒獎典禮2017»-最喜愛TVB男主角 (Won)
2018 Flying Tiger Victor Nip Yue Hong
Guardian Angel Cheung Tung (Zheung Dong)
2019 Flying Tiger II Lok Ga Seng (駱家成)
2020 Line Walker : Privilege War Cheok Hoi



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