Lau Kong

Lau Kong (劉江) is a Hong Kong actor who worked on the network TVB.

Lau Kong
Born (1946-08-24) 24 August 1946 (age 74)
Years active1976 - 2020
AwardsTVB Anniversary AwardsProfessional Actor Award


Little is known of Lau's private life, but he has been acting since 1976, when he first joined the now defunct network Commercial Television, he later joined RTV (now ATV, Lau would be an actor there from 1979-1982. From 1982 onwards, Lau has been serving as veteran actor there, portraying various types of roles, (mostly as a patriarch, and many TVB actors and actresses have been his "son" or "daughter“, and there are very few actors in TVB that have never worked with him.



Commercial TelevisionEdit

Year Title
1976 The Legend of the Condor Heroes
The Return of the Condor Heroes
1977 Sword Stained with Royal Blood
1978 Wu Lin Wai Shi
1980 Feng Lei Di Yi Dao


Year Title
1979 The Roving Swordsman
1980 Reincarnated
Dai Tei Yan Cheng
The Legendary Fok


Year Title Role Notes
1982 San Lui You Sum
Gu Cheng Ke
Soh Kei Yee
Love and Passion
The Emissary
1983 Legend of the Condor Heroes Yuen-ngan Hung-lit
Kwai Kum Ho Wan
Detective Pik Lek
Moh Min Tin See
Battle at Xuanwu Gate Li Yuan
The Smiling, Proud Wanderer Fung Ching-yeung
The Deer and The Cauldron Shun-chi Emperor
1984 Qiu Jin
The Return of Wong Fei Hung Wong Fei-hung
1985 Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain Lee Tsi-sing
Moh Lam Sai Ka
The Ride
The Battlefield Siu Ho
Yang Jia Jiang
Luk Siew Fung Chih Fung Moh Jau Tin
1986 San Yong CID
The Return of Luk Siu Fung Lau-wan Koi-see
The Rogue Millionaire
Lam Chung Ko Kau
The Legend of Wong Tai Sin
New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre Sing Kwan
1987 Keng Toi Lai Ming
Lip Sa Hang Tong
The Legend of the Book and the Sword Luk Fei-ching
1988 Nam Kuen Choi Lei Fat
Shaolin and Yongchun
A Tak Ya Fong Kwong
Twilight of a Nation Tsang Kwok-fan
Battle at Royal City
1989 The Final Combat Duen Hoi
Tin Bin
1990 Soek San Kei hap
The Failed Husband
Fei Yuet Koon Cheung
1991 Yan Hoi Kiu Yeung
Soek San Kei Hap Chih Sin Luei Kei Yuen
Lam Sek Fung Poh
Piu bak Eng Hung
1992 Dragon's Sky
92 Chung Mo Yin
Fan Tao Wai Lung
The Greed of Man Chow Chai-sang
Revelation of the Last Hero Sze-ma Chung-wang
Legend of the Condor Heroes the Nine Yin Prophecy
Kam Sheh Leung Kuan
1993 All About tin
Sun Chong On Chuen Zhan
The Mystery of the Condor Hero Hung Tsat-kung
1994 Sang Seh Song
The Legend of the Condor Heroes Genghis Khan
Dit Dam Leung Kuen
Instinct Ma Sing
1995 Detective Investigation Files
Plain Love
ICAC Heroes
The Condor Heroes 95 Mou Sam-tung
Qin Yan Cheng Mei Lieu
1996 Cold Blood Warm Heart
State of Divinity Heung Man-tin
Ambition Yu Ha
Journey to the West King of Chechi
1997 Lok Tan Cha Pun Sang
Miu Chui Fa
The Old Time Buddy
Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Yuen Chi
Detective Investigative Files III
Justice Sung
A Recipe for the Heart
1998 Untraceable Evidence
Lei To Tak Keng
Before Dawn
Yuen ka Yi Kit Pat Yi Kai
The Duke of Mount Deer Prince Hong
Journey to the West II Old Dragon King
1999 Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain Yim Kei
Untraceable Evidence II
Man's Best Friend
Detective Investigation Files IV
At the Threshold of an Era Hui Tai-hon
Witness to a Prosecution Ma Kwai
2000 Street Fighters
Sun Sin Yan
Crimson Sabre Wan Fong-san
A Taste of love
2001 Country Spirit
2002 Love is Beautiful
A Case of Misadventure
Eternal Happiness
Golden Faith
2003 To Catch a Thief
The 'W' Files Chun Cheng-hei
Perish in the Name of Love 周奎
Find The Light
Point of No Return Lam Dong
The Legend of Love
Lady Fan Chan Fu
2004 Armed Reaction IV Chiang Kun
Dream of Colours
Twin of Brothers Li Yuan
Split Second Cheng Kwan/Lee Man Ho
The Last Breakthrough Wong Po-kin
The Conqueror's Story Lui Man
2005 The Academy
Life Made Simple
Real Kung Fu
The Herbalist's Manual
2006 The Biter Bitten
Safe Guards Sheung Ching-Pang Best Supporting Actor Nomination (Top 20)
Forensic Heroes
To Grow With Love
2007 Face to Fate
2007-2008 Best Selling Secrets Man Chi-Cheung
2007 A Change of Destiny
The Drive Of Life Wang Ching-kwok
2008 The Master of Tai Chi
Love Exchange
The Four Choi King
When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West
2009 Off Pedder Luk Wan-ting
The Greatness of a Hero Sung Cheung-kwai
E.U. Kong Ping
Man in Charge Shum Cheung-lun
The Threshold of a Persona Chung Kwok-sing
In the Chamber of Bliss Yu Suen-lung
ICAC Investigators 2009 Lam Man-sam
Born Rich Cheuk Wo-fung [1]
2010 O.L. Supreme Lui Siu-lung (Martin)
Sisters of Pearl Chu Siu-cheung
Ghost Writer Ma Yuk-sing
Some Day Sek Yau-wai
Every Move You Make Ching Siu-on
No Regrets Wu Tai-yuen
2011 Only You Ching Kwok-fu Episode 22 - 30
Relic of an Emissary To Hin
The Other Truth So Wai-kuen Episode 8-10
The Life and Times of a Sentinel Tin Kong-ching
River of Wine Magistrate Tsang Kin-leung
2012 Wish and Switch Koo Wing-si
Daddy Good Deeds
Gloves Come Off Yam Kwok-lung
Three Kingdoms RPG
Come Home Love
The Last Steep Ascent
Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
The Confidant Lei Yuk
Missing You
2013 A Great Way to Care II Mok Kwai San
Brother's Keeper Lo Fu-shing
2014 Storm in a Cocoon Chou Tin Chi
Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain Fung Nam Tin
Black Heart White Soul Ko Lam
Shades of Life Fung Bak Episode 4
Rear Mirror Yiu Siu Wing
Line Walker Kwok Hok-wah
2015 Eye in the Sky Kong Wui-hoi
Limelight Years Suen Long
Momentary Lapse Of Reason Chong Ngou-shan
Captain of Destiny Jiaqing Emperor
2015-2016 Love as a Predatory Affair Lau Kam
2016 K9 Cop Chung Ying-may
House of Spirits Po Luk
2017 No Reserve 林群
The Exorcist's Meter Kwok Wing-sing 郭永城
2018 The Forgotten Valley Luk Kam-kuk 陸金谷 Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor
Apple-colada Wong Fai-tong 黃輝棠
2019 Barrack O’Karma Lam Yeuk-sze 林若思
2020 The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter Kwok Wing-sing 郭永城
The Witness


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