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The Power of Six is the second book in the young adult science fiction series The Lorien Legacies, written by Pittacus Lore (James Frey and Jobie Hughes).[1] It is the sequel to I Am Number Four, and was released August 23, 2011 by HarperCollins Publishers.

The Power of Six
The Power of Six pittacus lore2.jpg
British cover
AuthorPittacus Lore (James Frey and Jobie Hughes)
CountryUnited States
SeriesLorien Legacies
GenreYoung adult
Science fiction
Publication date
August 23, 2011
Media typePrint (Hardcover)
Preceded byI Am Number Four 
Followed byThe Rise of Nine 


The book is told by various members of the Garde: Number Four (John Smith), who is on the run with Sam, Six, and Bernie Kosar (aka Hadley, a Lorien Chimæra), and Number Seven (Marina), who's hiding at Santa Teresa, a convent in Spain. While John, Number Six and Sam try to stay ahead of the Mogadorians while searching for the other surviving Loric, Number Seven searches for news of John after his heroic battle at the school that came at the end of I Am Number Four. During the battle between Number Seven and the mogadorians it is revealed that Ella is a member of the Garde.


  • John Smith - The narrator of the first book. He also narrates half of this book. He is the fourth member of the Loric Garde.
  • Number Six - Sixth member of the Loric Garde who accompanies John throughout this book and evolves to become his other romantic interest.
  • Sam Goode - John's best friend and Number Six's other love interest. He also joins John and Six throughout their journey.
  • Marina - The narrator of half the book. She is the seventh member of the Loric Garde. She finally meets Number Six at the end of the book.
  • Adelina - Marina's Cêpan. She dies during the battle in the convent with the Mogadorians to save Marina. When in the convent, she doesn't believe Lorien is still alive
  • Ella - Marina's best friend. She is the tenth member of the Loric Garde who has the ability to change between ages, known as an Aeternus.
  • Crayton - Ella's unofficial Cêpan (she was too young to be assigned a Cêpan when she left Lorien in another ship as a baby).
  • Héctor Ricardo - Marina's only human friend.
  • Number Nine - The ninth member of the Loric Garde in the series. He is initially a prisoner of the Mogadorians in a Mogadorians’ base in West Virginia.
  • Sarah Hart - John's girlfriend from Paradise, Ohio. She was suspected to have called the FBI.


Reception for The Power of Six has been mixed to positive,[2] with the School Library Journal writing that although the book has "a lack of character development, pedestrian dialogue, and uneven continuity... the nonstop action and violence-packed fight sequences will keep fans of the first novel happy".[3] Kirkus Reviews gave a similar review, criticizing the character development.[4]


In 2011 it was announced that The Power of songbird would be adapted by New York tech startup Booktrack to produce an enhanced e-book version of the novel.[5] Enhancements to the novel would include sound effects, synchronized music, and automated scrolling through the book.[6]


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