The Marshmallow Times

The Marshmallow Times (マシュマロ通信, Mashumaro Taimusu) is a manga and a seven cell manga by Lun Lun Yamamoto. They were first published from 2004 to 2006 in the magazines Asahi Shōgakusei Shimbun and Asahi Chūgakusei Weekly (Asahi Shimbun group), and subsequently adapted into anime series. The anime series, consisting of a total 52 episodes, was broadcast from April 4, 2004 until March 27, 2005 on the TXN Network in Japan.

The Marshmallow Times
(Mashumaro Taimusu)
Written byLun Lun Yamamoto
Published byAsahi Gakusei Shimbun
MagazineAsahi Shōgakusei Shimbun
Asahi Chūgakusei Weekly
Original runJanuary 2004January 2006
Anime television series
Directed byHiroshi Fukutomi
Seung Ii Lee
StudioStudio Comet
Seoul Movie
Original networkTV Tokyo, Animax, AT-X
Original run April 4, 2004 March 27, 2005
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The series focuses on 7 children and a sheep-like character who hang out together and work as a team. Each character is depicted with a varying hairstyle and flavor of fashion.

In creating the anime version, Korean Company (KOKO Enterprise, Seoul Movie) and has co-produced with SBS under the name of work in South Korea called "라즈베리 타임즈 (The Raspberry Times)".


Sandy, a girl who lives in Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki, whose pet is a sheep-like creature named Cloud, and 6 other children—Jasmine, Lime, Basil, Clove, Nuts and Cinnamon—become friends and form a journalism team and adventure their world together.


Main CharactersEdit

Sandy (サンディ, Sandi)
Voiced by: Misato Fukuen
An Australian girl with orange braided hair. She is sometimes seen with her talking pet sheep, Cloud. She is a tomboy, and at night when she sleeps or is in her pajamas her hair is straight. Her mother, father and her twin brothers are seen in several episodes. She can be smart but a little bit.
Jasmine (ジャスミン, Jasumin)
Voiced by: Kana Ueda
A pink-haired girl with flowers in her hair and the most popular girl in town. She is very tough and loves to dance. She is very wealthy and is Sandy's best friend. She can also take on any chance what she says.
Lime (ライム, Raimu)
Voiced by: Kenji Nojima
A green-haired boy. He always hangs out and talks with girls to show love. He can be talented to look at. He can be usually seen with Jasmine in most episodes. He thinks that he can fall in love easily.
Basil (バジル, Bajiru)
Voiced by: Akiko Kobayashi
A yellow-haired girl who is usually seen with a camera. She wears glasses and may be very brainy, but a good photographer. She loves the color orange and can be very serious. As another best friend of Sandy, she can take pictures with her camera when she sees something. Her attitude is photo life.
Clove (クローブ, Kurōbu)
Voiced by: Takayuki Yamaguchi
A blue-haired boy who always wears headphones. He loves computers and has a stereo in his room. He mostly wears striped clothes.
Nuts (ナッツ, Nattsu)
Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita
A black-haired boy who has hair covering his eyes. He usually wears a bandanna on his head. He owns a vegetable garden and is a gardener.
Cinnamon (シナモン, Shinamon)
Voiced by: Nobuko Sakuma
A light-blue-haired girl. She loves fortune telling. She also has a fortune telling outfit. She loves wicked things and makes creepy stuff happen in her room.

Minor CharactersEdit

Sandy's Family
The people that live with Sandy. Her mother is an adult woman, her father is very short and her two twin brothers, Choco and Mint love to tease her. Also, Cloud is her friend.

Production StaffEdit

  • Story: Lun Lun Yamamoto
  • Publisher: Asahi Gakusei Shimbun
  • Director: Hiroshi Fukotomi, Seung Il Lee
  • Series Configuration: Nakaze Rika
  • Character Designers: Hiroshi Kanazawa, Ji Woon Ha
  • Art Director: Rei Nishiyama, Sun Keun Han
  • Color-coordinated: Ookura Kimiko, Eui Jeong Namgung
  • Director of Photography: Young Ho Kim
  • Sound Director:Miwa Iwanami
  • Music:Miwa Satoshi
  • Producer: Eiji Kanaoka, Kazuya Watanabe, Kati Hideyuki, Jeong Hun Song
  • Animation: Studio Comet, Seoul Movie
  • Producer: TV Osaka, The Marshmallow Times Production Committee


  1. Cloud came!
  2. First errand!
  3. Fear! Doppelganger! !
  4. Furawamubumento nuts?
  5. Scoop of basil?
  6. Jasmine Secret
  7. Cinnamon is addicted to fortune-telling?
  8. Symbol of the city, my snail
  9. Hatsukoi lime
  10. Clove is a music producer
  11. Dad, the crisis of restructuring?
  12. Sandy will be cursed! ?
  13. Sunny's Dosha降Ri
  14. Where's Miss marshmallows!
  15. Angelica Devil
  16. Battle of the test
  17. War donuts (Wars)!
  18. GO! GO! Camping!
  19. Love lime PARTII
  20. Midsummer Dream Tour
  21. Secret Rabbit Dog
  22. Cloud, run away from home
  23. Family space mystery
  24. Cinnamon is a witch! ?
  25. Ghost of the College
  26. Take care, communications marshmallows! ?
  27. The Marshmallow Times (Times) Put on a!
  28. Cloud Drawing
  29. Takeshi Mad Mad Mad Race
  30. Marshmallow Halloween Town!
  31. She's Sandy! ?
  32. Pansy came
  33. Basil Crush
  34. Oru's house-cloud
  35. Pansy and year!
  36. Case out of the department store!
  37. Christmas in Wonderland
  38. Back to the proposal
  39. Advent dark cloud!
  40. Angelica first love?
  41. Principal is full! ?
  42. Longest day of the lime
  43. Town Holiday Marshmallows
  44. Cloud and snow fairy
  45. Battalion Nearby billionaire
  46. Come to the forest
  47. Weird! Sandy! !
  48. My Jasmine
  49. Basil modestly
  50. Battle of the sympathy!
  51. Night cloud
  52. 鳴Rasou the bell of happiness


Opening Theme:

  1. "Spicy Days - スパイシーデイズ -, Spicy Days - (supaishideizu)" by Mai Nanami (episodes 1 - 40)
  2. "Spicy Days - スパイシーデイズ -, Spicy Days - (supaishideizu)" by NAO with Sandy & Cloud (episodes 41 -52)

Ending Theme:

  1. "歩いてこう, Walking, Like This" by Grace

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