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The Jade Pussycat is a 1977 pornographic film starring John Holmes. The plot of the film focuses on the search for a priceless jade carving from 13th century China known as "The Jade Pussycat". The character of "Johnny Wadd" is sent to find the Jade Pussycat and find the thieves who stole the item from a museum in Japan. During the search, Mr. Wadd is met by many lustful women. The film is set mainly in San Francisco's Chinatown.

The Jade Pussycat
Directed byBob Chinn
Written byBob Chinn
StarringJohn Holmes
Georgina Spelvin
Linda Wong
Steve Balint
Paula Wain
Bonnie Holiday
Jessica Temple-Smith
Jon Martin
Music byDennis Carr
CinematographyLazlo Croveny
Edited byJonathan Ross
Distributed byI Candy
Release date
July 1, 1977
Running time
80 minutes
CountryUnited States

Paul Thomas Anderson, director of Boogie Nights, recommended that his cast watch the film to prepare for their roles, stating, "'This is like Hitchcock doing a porno.'"[1]


Paul Wexley (Jon Martin) comes off of a cargo ship carrying a black bag with something inside. Paul goes to a hotel room where Jasmine (Linda Wong) is staying. Paul pulls out a jade carving of a feline, which is known as "The Jade Pussycat". Jasmine is so pleased with his deed that she pulls down Paul's pants and starts performing fellatio. Paul then starts performing cunnilingus. Paul then gets on top of Jasmine and gets into a missionary position. Paul then has an orgasm and performs the "pull-out method". Soon after Paul orgasms, a gun is placed on the back of his head by 2 Chinese men, and he is forced to leave with them.

The next scene shows Laureen (Paula Wain) performing fellatio on Johnny Wadd (John Holmes). This is interrupted when Jenny (Jessica Temple-Smith) walks in. Mr. Wadd and Laureen leave together while Jenny stays in Mr. Wadd's office. Jenny is looking for Paul, and she tells John some details about his disappearance. Jenny then sits on a bed, and John kisses her and starts removing her clothes. After John removes her skirt, he starts performing cunnilingus on Jenny. Jenny then starts to perform fellatio on John. John then gets into a missionary position and starts having sex with her. John "pulls out" and gives Alexandra a "cum shot".

The next scene shows Mueller (Steve Balint) receiving "The Jade Pussycat" from Jasmine. Mueller soon sees that it is a fake, and he breaks it on the floor. Mueller orders Jasmine to get him the real Jade Pussycat or else she will not receive any pay. Jasmine then talks with Alexandra (Georgina Spelvin), and Jasmine begins to undress. Jasmine and Alexandra then get into a 69 position, and Alexandra begins to finger Jasmine. Alexandra then performs cunnilingus on Jasmine, and Jasmine then orgasms.

Mr. Wadd enters the lobby of the Paul's hotel. He rents the same room that Paul had been staying in and receives some things that were left in Paul's room. When John enters the room, he looks through the things that were left in Paul's room. He finds that two toothbrushes were left even though Paul was supposedly alone. John hears a knock at the door and asks who it is. A woman named Sharon (Bonnie Holiday) enters. Sharon is Paul's girlfriend, and she wants the $2,000 USD that Paul borrowed from her to smuggle "The Jade Pussycat" out of Japan. She tells John that he used the money to sneak a priceless antique out of Japan. She says that she's going to stay in the room until Paul returns. John tells her that he has an idea how to pass the time. John removes Sharon's clothes and performs cunnilingus on her. She then starts performing fellatio on John. John then turns her over and starts performing anal sex on her. John then orgasms on her chest.

In the next scene, Jasmine and the two men that she was with are trying to wake up a drugged Paul, trying to figure out what he did with the real Jade Pussycat. Paul starts to tell Jasmine about a key, but then he falls into a deep sleep. Jasmine sends her goon, Tang, to the location of Paul's ex-girlfriend's business. Tang enters her backyard, looks through her window and finds her masturbating with a vibrator. When she finishes, Tang grabs her and forces her to tell him where the key is. When she tells Tang that the Sharon has the key and that she will come to her house later, he releases her. Tang then removes his clothes and begins to rape her. Tang orgasms on her and then gets off of her.

While waiting for Sharon, Sharon and John enter the house. John puts a gun to Tang's head and asks him what is he doing there. John tells Tang that he is going to go to jail for a very long time, but he is interrupted by Tang's friend, Frankie. Frankie tells John to put his hands up while Tang leaves. John takes Frankie's gun. Frankie tells John that he is working for Jasmine.

John then walks to a Chinatown warehouse, where he finds Frankie dead. Jasmine confronts John with a gun. Jasmine forces John to give up his gun and put his hands up in the air. Jasmine had found out from Frankie that John was the one who had the key. As Jasmine is about to shoot John, a homeless "hippie" walks through the door and is accidentally shot. John then grabs the gun out of Jasmine's hand and puts the gun to her head.

John and Laureen from earlier talk inside John's office. Laureen tells John "let's finish what we started", and she begins to perform fellatio on John. John and Laureen then get naked, and they get on the couch. While on the couch, John and Laureen get into a missionary position. Laureen then gets into a cowgirl position on top of John. John then gets back into a missionary position on top of Laureen. John then pulls out and gives Laureen a "cum shot".

John goes into a locker room and opens up a safe in Paul's locker with the key that he has. Inside is a black bag containing an item. When John opens the bag, he finds the real "Jade Pussycat". John puts the Jade Pussycat back in the black bag and takes it with him. Unknown to John, he is being followed by Frankie.

John meets with an art dealer at his apartment. The woman, who is also an art collector, wants the Jade Pussycat in her collection. The woman offers John $25,000USD for the Jade Pussycat, but he refuses. The woman tells John that to the right buyer it is worth $500,000 USD. The woman says that she can take him to the right buyer if they split the profit 50/50. John offers her a drink, which she drinks fully. John and her begin to kiss very deeply. She offers sex, which John accepts. They move the furniture and open up a pullout couch. Then, they undress and get on the bed. She begins to perform fellatio on him. John then lies her down and gets into a missionary position. John then turns her over and starts having anal sex with her. After performing anal sex, John orgasms on her.

After finishing sex, the woman asks John for some matches. When John reaches for them, she knocks him unconscious and steals the black bag, taking it to Mueller. When Mueller opens the bag, he finds a statue of Jesus instead of the Jade Pussycat. He then laughs and says "I'll keep this as a memento." Mueller vows that some day he will get the Jade Pussycat.

John wakes up and pulls out the real black bag out of a cabinet that contains the Jade Pussycat. The next scene shows John next to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and he says that "No matter how much an item is worth it is not worth a human life. Something tells me that I should just throw it in the bay and be done with it, but again I'm only human and this thing is worth a lot of money."


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