The Dangerous Game (1942 film)

The Dangerous Game (Norwegian:Den farlige liken) is a 1942 Norwegian comedy film directed by Tancred Ibsen, starring Lauritz Falk, Nanna Stenersen and Per Aabel. The film is based on Alex Brinchmann's successful stage comedy "Karusell" ("Merry-go-round"). The sociable Jean Blom (Falk) feels held back by his boring wife (Stenersen). He gives her an injection to make her more lively, but the plan fails.

The Dangerous Game
Directed byTancred Ibsen
Written byAlex Brinchmann (play)
Tancred Ibsen
StarringLauritz Falk
Nanna Stenersen
Per Aabel
Wenche Foss
Release date
Running time
97 minutes

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