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The Curse of Blondie is the eighth studio album from the American rock band Blondie. It was released in October 2003, and peaked at #36 in the UK.

The Curse of Blondie
Blondie - The Curse Of Blondie.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 13, 2003
GenreNew wave, post-punk revival
LabelSanctuary Records (United States)
Epic Records (United Kingdom)
ProducerSteve Thompson
(except "Good Boys", produced by Jeff Bova)
Blondie chronology
No Exit
The Curse of Blondie
Panic of Girls
Singles from The Curse of Blondie
  1. "Good Boys"
    Released: October 6, 2003
Alternative cover
UK slipcase cover
UK slipcase cover

Background and recordingEdit

The band departed from bankrupt Beyond Records and signed with Sony Music. The Curse of Blondie had the working title Phasm 8, which was also the name of the tour they were doing before the release. Craig Leon, who had also produced their previous hit album No Exit, started work on the album, but it was four years in the making as the only demo tapes of the album had disappeared from luggage at a UK airport, and so had to be re-recorded.[citation needed] Leon ultimately did not produce the album, which was largely helmed by Steve Thompson with Jeff Bova producing only one track, "Good Boys".

The album incorporates a rock-inspired arrangement style more reminiscent of Blondie's earliest recordings. Rhythms played include mostly rock ("Golden Rod, "Rules for Living", "End to End", "Hello Joe", "Last One in the World", "Diamond Bridge") and then dance-pop ("Good Boys", "Undone", "The Tingler"). Other incursions are Japanese traditional music ("Magic (Asadoya Yunta)"), reggae ("Background Melody (The Only One)"), jazz ("Desire Brings Me Back", "Songs of Love (For Richard)") and rap ("Shakedown"). The track "Hello Joe" is an homage to Joey Ramone, and includes a reference to "Blitzkrieg Bop" ("hey ho, hola Joe instead of hey ho, let's go).


The album was released with various bonus tracks in some territories, while the US edition included the music video for the single "Good Boys". The album was also re-released in 2004 in US on DualDisc format.[1] The CD side contained the normal album, while the DVD side included:

  1. Entire album in 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo
  2. "Good Boys" music video
  3. Photo gallery
  4. ROM content

The only single from the album was "Good Boys", which peaked at #12 in the UK[2] and was a dance hit in the USA. Promo singles of "Undone" were sent to radio, but no official release was made.[3]


Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
Allmusic      [5]
Blender      [6]
Entertainment WeeklyB+ [7]
The Guardian      [8]
PopMatters           [4][9]
Robert Christgau  [11]
Rolling Stone     [13]
Slant Magazine     [14]
Stylus MagazineB+ [10]
Uncut     [12]

The Curse of Blondie gained mixed reviews, some critics called it a good or very good album, while others said it was a downfall for the band.[15] Despite the relative success of the "Good Boys" single, the album performed poorly, peaking at #36 in the UK and #160 in the United States. As of August 9 2005 it has sold 34,000 copies in United States. [16]

Track listingEdit

1."Shakedown"Debbie Harry / Romy AshbyChris Stein5:05
2."Good Boys"Kevin Griffin / HarryGriffin4:18
3."Undone"HarryCraig Bartock / John Vitale4:28
4."Golden Rod"HarryLeigh Foxx5:23
5."Rules for Living"Jimmy DestriDestri5:12
6."Background Melody (The Only One)"Destri / HarryDestri / Harry3:54
7."Magic (Asadoya Yunta)"Harry / AshbyTraditional Okinawan folk song4:05
8."End to End"Harry / AshbyStein3:59
9."Hello Joe"Harry / AshbyStein4:06
10."The Tingler"HarryStein3:52
11."Last One in the World"DestriDestri4:31
12."Diamond Bridge"HarryDestri4:07
13."Desire Brings Me Back"Carla OllaGretchen Langheld5:31
14."Songs of Love"LangheldLangheld6:43

Bonus tracks on European edition
15."Good Boys (Giorgio Moroder Single Mix)"Griffin / Harry4:06
Bonus tracks on Japanese edition
15."The Tide Is High (Live)" (Official 'bootleg' recordings from Summer Sonic 03)John Holt / Tyrone Evans / Howard Barrett4:35
16."Rapture (Live)" (Official 'bootleg' recordings from Summer Sonic 03)Harry / Stein7:16


Production and design

  • Steve Thompsonproducer (except "Good Boys"), mixing (except "Magic (Asadoya Yunta)")
  • Jeff Bova – producer ("Good Boys")
  • Kevin Griffin – additional production ("Good Boys")
  • Allen Kovac – executive producer
  • Craig Leon – producer (basic tracks, except "Good Boys", "Undone" and "Background Melody (The Only One)")
  • James Michael – additional production (basic tracks, except "Good Boys", "Undone" and "Background Melody (The Only One)")
  • Randy Nicklaus – additional production (basic tracks, except "Good Boys", "Undone" and "Background Melody (The Only One)")
  • Jinsoo Kim – mixing ("Magic (Asadoya Yunta)")
  • Christina Ingram – mixing ("Magic (Asadoya Yunta)")
  • John Goodmanson – engineer, mixing
  • Paul Logus – engineer
  • Danni Bernini – engineer
  • Roy Hendrickson – engineer
  • Tom Weir – engineer
  • Ross Petersen – assistant engineer
  • Sean Spuehler – programming
  • Howie Beno – programming
  • James Mazlen – programming
  • George Marino – mastering
  • Giorgio Moroder – additional production and remix ("Good Boys" (Giorgio Moroder Single Mix))
  • Tommy Schobel – programming ("Good Boys (Giorgio Moroder Single Mix)")
  • Patrick Shevelin – programming ("Good Boys (Giorgio Moroder Single Mix)")
  • Steve Shepherd – remix engineer ("Good Boys (Giorgio Moroder Single Mix)")
  • Robert Roth – art direction, photography
  • Kitty Boots – stylist
  • Marla Belt – make-up


Year Country Position
2003 / 2004 United Kingdom 36
Australia 83
Germany 84
France 113
United States 160


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