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The Conservative Woman

The Conservative Woman
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Launched March 2014 (4 years ago) (2014-03)
Current status Active

The Conservative Woman is a British political website started in 2014 with a conservative outlook. It describes its values as being "unashamedly those of faith, married family and nation-state".[1]

The website deals with matters concerning British politics, especially if they are of a social, religious or cultural nature. To a lesser extent economic matters and foreign affairs are also discussed, as is American politics. Writers are usually highly critical of feminism, victimism and sentimentality.



The Conservative Woman was launched by co-editors Kathy Gyngell and Laura Perrins.

Kathy GyngellEdit

Kathy Gyngell is a research fellow of the Centre for Policy Studies.[2] A graduate of both Cambridge and Oxford universities, she writes frequently for the Daily Mail[3] and has written for The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian,[4] and the Evening Standard. In 2006, she researched a report into drug addiction in Britain, published two critiques of the subject in 2009 and 2011, and is currently a trustee of drug-prevention charity 'Cannabis and Skunk Sense'.[5]

Laura PerrinsEdit

Laura Perrins is a barrister and journalist who has written for The Daily Telegraph,[6] the Daily Mail, ConservativeHome[7] and The Catholic Herald.[8] She appeared on the BBC's Question Time television programme, BBC's Any Questions? radio programme[9][10] the Daily Politics, Marr, reviews the papers on the BBC and Sky's Sophie Ridge programme, as well debating issues on SKY news, BBC news, and RTE Sean O'Rourke. She is also a patron at the campaign group 'Mothers At Home Matter'.[11] She was profiled in the Irish, Sunday Independent. [1]


Current Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis,[12] current Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox MP, Conservative Party MP Tim Loughton, economist Ruth Lea, social commentator Jill Kirby and UK Independence Party Member of the European Parliament Gerard Batten are among a long list of commentators who have written for the website.

Various heads of political and social campaign groups have also written for the website, including:


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