The Cleanest War

The Cleanest War was the first release by Morning Again, which was a Metalcore band from Florida. It was released on Conquer The World Records who had previously released Born of You from Culture, and had kept in touch with the members since then. It was originally planned to be on MCD and 10" vinyl, but was ultimately moved to a 12" format. The album has been re-released twice since its original press in 1996, first in Belgium by Good Life Recordings as Hand of Hope, and by Eulogy Recordings as Hand of the Martyr in 2003.

The Cleanest War
The Cleanest War.jpg
EP by
ReleasedApril 1996
StudioStudio 13, Deerfield Beach, Florida
LabelConquer The World
ProducerJeremy Staska
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The Cleanest War
Morning Again

Track listingEdit

  1. "Turning Over" - 3:12
  2. "Family Ties" - 3:21
  3. "America on Line" - 4:09
  4. "Minus One" - 6:14
  5. "Remedy" - 3:53


  • "Remedy" contains movie quotes from Outbreak (1995).