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Damien Moyal (born September 25, 1976) is a musician, designer and artist originally from Florida and now based in Michigan. He is best known within the hardcore genre for his distinctive vocals in the bands Shai Hulud, Culture, Morning Again, and As Friends Rust. He has contributed to over 15 bands, though only a few have released any recorded work.

Damien Moyal
Damien circa 2001
Damien circa 2001
Background information
Birth nameDamien Moyal
Also known as
  • Damien Decline
  • Damien Done
  • Sev Burner
Born (1976-09-25) September 25, 1976 (age 44)
OriginFlorida, United States
GenresHardcore punk, metalcore, punk rock, indie rock
Occupation(s)Musician, Songwriter, composer
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
Years active1992—present
Associated acts

Musical historyEdit

Moyal's first band was U.S. Decline. During his time in the band they never recorded but did play shows. He soon after moved on to short stints in Insist (in mid to late 1992, which included a demo tape), Reach and HandOverFist (both in 1993). In 1994 he joined Culture, who had previously recorded a demo tape and were looking for a vocalist.[1] The band landed a release contract with Conquer the World Records and immediately started to record material for what would become the ground breaking success Born of You. Not long after the release of the LP, conflicts between Moyal and John Wylie led to his leaving of the band. He then went on to front in the very first line-up of Shai Hulud, recording their original demo, landing the record deal with Revelation Records. However, before the band got to record any further material, he was asked to leave the band.

By late 1995, Wylie had also left Culture and was forming his new band, Morning Again (also with other ex-Culture members). Moyal was asked to join in hopes of reconciliation. This was the inspiration for the song "Turning Over" from their debut The Cleanest War. Moyal also participated on the band's sophomore release, a self-titled 7" vinyl released on Intention Records.[2] Morning Again gained international popularity and became the first American band signed to Belgian record label Good Life Recordings; the record label released a compilation of the band's first two releases as Hand of Hope.[2] During this time, he also joined up with Crestfallen's reincarnation as Bird of Ill Omen.[3] After this he joined the band Wayside, who quickly changed its name to As Friends Rust (named after lyrics from a Bird of Ill Omen song).

After being kicked out of Morning Again, he rejoined Culture, where he would remain until their breakup. Using his connections with Good Life Records, he focused the attention to Culture who gained popularity in Europe during the next two years. Steve Looker from Morning Again wanted desperately to get As Friends Rust back together, and so a new line up was formed. This became Moyal's sole band during the next two years until they went under a second hiatus.

Bridgeburne R was then formed as a 1980s punk band, until As Friends Rust got back together. With a new line-up of AFR musicians, the band lasted two more years but Damien quit right before their final release on Equal Vision Records. Damien immediately started witting solo under his pseudonym Damien Done. In 2003 he was featured on the Pandabite song “Painkiller” which was a never officially released. He was also featured on albums by Loyal Frisby and Grey Goose. His last band effort was with Best Wishes in 2006 before he moved to Michigan.

In 2008, As Friends Rust reunited for one week of shows (one in Florida, and 6 in Europe) to much fanfare.

In 2011, Moyal announced that new As Friends Rust songs were being written,[4] and also formed a new hardcore project with former Culture founder Rich Thurston called On Bodies.[citation needed]

Art historyEdit

Damien Moyal is also a graphic artist, having done artwork for many of his past bands. Some of his released work include the artwork for The Fists of Time, Heteronome and Love Thongs, as well as logos for a multitude of bands he was in including Bird of Ill Omen's early logos and shirt designs, with a multitude of Culture shirt designs and unreleased artwork. Many of the unreleased material was to be included in a book to be pressed on Good Life Recordings in the late 1990s, but by 2000 had fallen through, as Moyal was displeased with the chosen content (short stories, drawings and lyrics).


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