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The Big Bogan is a statue in Nyngan, New South Wales, Australia.[1] Nyngan is in Bogan Shire; the proposal to erect a statue of a "bogan" had a mixed reception.[2][3] The statue was erected on 9 September 2015.[1][3] The statue has continued to cause some controversy.[4]

Big Bogan
Big Bogan, Nyngan, 2017 (01).jpg
LocationNyngan, New South Wales, Australia

The St. Mark's Anglican Church Minister came up with the idea of erecting a big sculpture that will draw tourists to Nyngan. The Bogan Shire Council began the process in March 2015 and the design of the statue was created digitally and provided to a local steel supplier to make a cut-out. The final product was 5.96 m tall and weighed close to 1500 Kg.[5]


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