The Apocalypse Code

The Apocalypse Code (Russian: Код апокалипсиса, romanizedKod apokalipsisa) is a 2007 Russian action film. Apart from Russia, the filming took place in France, Italy, Norway, Malaysia and Ukraine.[2] The crew spent 10 days shooting scenes in the Alvøen Island and Aurland fjords.[2]

The Apocalypse Code
Apocalypse Code poster.jpg
Directed byVadim Shmelyov
Produced bySergey Zhigunov
Sergey Gribkov
Written byDenis Karyshev
StarringAnastasia Zavorotnyuk
Vincent Perez
Vladimir Menshov
Aleksei Serebryakov
Trond Lyngbø
Oleg Stefan
Boris Tokarev
Music byDmitry Dankov
CinematographyDayan Gaytkulov
Edited byDmitry Slobtsov
Distributed byKaroprokat
Release date
  • October 2, 2007 (2007-10-02)
Running time
105 min.
Budget$15 million[1]


Terrorist Jaffad Ben Zayidi steals four nuclear bombs from a sunken American submarine and hides them in four major cities throughout the world. The charges can be activated by an 11-digit code. Zayidi dies and his accomplice, nicknamed "The Executioner," is about to blow up the bombs. The Executioner is chased by FSB, whose agent Marie has previously infiltrated Zayidi's team.


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