Thanksgiving Candle

The Thanksgiving Candle (Romanian: Lumânarea Recunoştinţei) is a monument and chapel in Soroca, Moldova.

Thanksgiving Candle
Lumânarea Recunoştinţei
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Coordinates48°8′13″N 28°18′17″E / 48.13694°N 28.30472°E / 48.13694; 28.30472Coordinates: 48°8′13″N 28°18′17″E / 48.13694°N 28.30472°E / 48.13694; 28.30472
Height29.5 metres (97 ft)
Opening dateMarch 27, 2004


The monument was initiated by Ion Druţă. The monument, which is some 29.5 metres (97 ft) tall, symbolizes a candle and is called "Lumânarea Recunoştinţei" or "monumentul lui Badea Mior". It represents a tribute to the anonymous heroes who have preserved the culture, language and history of Moldova. The light of the candle can be seen at night from Otaci in North and Camenca in South.

The monument was opened on March 27, 2004, 86 years after the 1918 union of Bessarabia with Romania.

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