Temple Sinai (Denver)

Temple Sinai is a Reform synagogue located at 3509 South Glencoe in Denver, Colorado.[2]

Temple Sinai
Temple Sinai (Denver, Colorado)
The temple in 2013.
AffiliationReform Judaism
  • Rabbi Richard S. Rheins
  • Chazzan Bryan Zive
  • Rabbi Keren Gorban
  • Acting Executive Director Amy Becker
  • President Neil Culbertson
Location3509 South Glencoe
Denver, Colorado, U.S.
Architect(s)Curtis Fentress[1]


It was started in 1967 by Rabbi Raymond A. Zwerin, who had been ordained three years prior at the Hebrew Union College.[3]

The workbook Tzedakah, Gemilut Chasadim, and Ahavah: A Manual for World Repair (1990), by Joel Lurie Grishaver and Beth Huppin, was piloted at the synagogue.[4]

In September 1995, more than 650 members of the synagogue spent a day removing graffiti in Denver, painting buildings, cooking pastries, repairing toys, scraping walls, and potting plants, in an effort to fulfill a mitzvah.[5]


It is a full-functioning synagogue with a religious school catering to preschoolers through confirmation students. Services are held every Friday night, Saturday morning, and on holidays. The synagogue has a pre-school.[6]


The synagogue has a large multicolored mural of children at play.[7] The current building was built in 1984.[1] In 2003, a meditation garden was constructed in 2003.[8]


In 2011, Temple Sinai received a $21,000 grant from the Rose Community Foundation for the integration of special-needs children into its religious school.[9]

The temple's maintenance manual was featured in The Temple Management Manual (2003), by the National Association of Temple Administrators (U.S.), Union of American Hebrew Congregations.[10]


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