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Aleutian IslandsEdit

This has come up several times on wiki, and each time it seems like I have had to sort it out. The Aleutian Islands campaign is not considered part of the American Theater (1939-1945), but rather the North Pacific Theater. It is not considered part of the American Theater for two main reasons. 1) The campaign was designed by the Japanese as a mere distraction from the Battle of Midway, which was fought in the Central Pacific. 2) The Aleutian Islands are not part of the American continent, and they stretch way out into the Pacific almost all the way to Russia, well past the 200 mile coastal limit that we have been using for years now (the campaign occurred mainly at the far western end of the US Aleutian islands). This is why there is no real mention of the campaign on the American Theater article and why there is no link for the the Aleutian Islands campaign in the American Theater campaignbox (well, there was a few seconds ago, until I removed it.) I know that a link for the Aleiutian Islands campaign should be somewhere in this campaignbox, which is why I propose that the "Japan" section be retitled "North Pacific" and the Aleutian Islands campaign link be added there. I will also say that I intend to remove the links for the following: Ellwood, Estevan Point Lighthouse, Fort Stevens, Lookout Air Raids, Fire Balloon Attacks. This campaignbox is for major campaign links, not little skirmishes (like the attack on Fort Stevens), or campaigns/battles that were part of a larger campaign (For example, there is no link for the Guadalcanal campaign, because it was part of the Solomon Islands campaign.) I hope that makes sense.--$1LENCE D00600D (talk) 18:30, 7 December 2012 (UTC)[]

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