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Template:ITN note

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This template can be placed on the talk page of an article that is the subject of an item nominated to appear in Template:In the news on the main page.

{{ITN note|<!-- Nomination's heading on Wikipedia:In the news/Candidates page -->|date={{subst:#time: j F Y}}}}

The template has two parameters. The unnamed parameter is the section heading used for the discussion on the candidates page. If it is not specified, the link will simply be to Wikipedia:In the news/Candidates. The "date" parameter may be specified automatically via the code above.

While multiple items can be wikilinked in a proposed blurb, this template should be used on the talk page of the bold-linked article covering the proposed item's primary subject.

Transclusions of this template should be occasionally checked to ensure that no out-of-date messages are currently on display.