Tay Kak Sie Temple

Tay Kak Sie Temple (simplified Chinese: 大觉寺; traditional Chinese: 大覺寺; pinyin: Dà jué sì) is a Taoist temple located at Jalan Gang Lombok, Semarang. The temple was established in 1746.[1] This was originally only to worship the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin. This pagoda later developed into a large temple which also worshipped many Taoist Deities.

Tay Kak Sie Temple
Kelenteng Tay Kak Sie
Tay Kak Sie Kelenteng Gang Lombok Semarang.jpg
Front view of the Temple
ProvinceCentral Java
LocationSemarang, Indonesia
Tay Kak Sie Temple is located in Semarang
Tay Kak Sie Temple
Location in Semarang
Geographic coordinates6°58′27″S 110°25′40″E / 6.974159°S 110.427897°E / -6.974159; 110.427897Coordinates: 6°58′27″S 110°25′40″E / 6.974159°S 110.427897°E / -6.974159; 110.427897
Date established1746

Tay Kak Sie name written on the signboard at the entrance of a large temple, with the record year of the reign of Emperor Dao Guang (Too Kong in Hokkien language) 1821-1850 of the Qing Dynasty is a name that means "Temple of Supreme Consciousness".

List of DeitiesEdit

Tay Kak Sie pagoda has a host of Deities and the main Deity is the goddess Kwan Im Pho Sat. Moreover, Tay Kak Sie temple is the largest temple (in the sense of many Deities) in the city of Semarang. Deities worshiped in this temple include:[1]

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