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‘O Pōrīnetia To Tātou ‘Ai‘a, not O Pirinetia To Tātou Ai‘aCorrect spelling and translationEdit

For the correct spelling and exact translation of this title, see the Lexique du Tahitien contemporain, Yves Lemaître, ORSTOM, Paris, 1999 (PDF). Few Tahitians — and even less Tuamotu, Marquesans and the rest of the indigenous people of this French territory — know the written form of their language. It has been long prohibited to teach these languages at school, and very few have received literacy (outside French and Foreign languages). After long years of conflict with the French authorities, fifty teachers got the reo Mā‘ohi “CAPES” (Certificat d'aptitude au professorat de l'enseignement du second degré) last year, but just for one year: they have to leave Polynesia for France, where they will have to teach another matter, sometimes without the suitable CAPES, for an unknown number of years.Suppression du CAPES de reo Mā‘ohi: un recul “considérable et inacceptable” selon Nō ‘Oe E Te Nuna‘a (Tahiti info)Fermeture du CAPES de Reo Mā‘ohi : la Polynésie réagit… mais un peu tardLe CAPES de tahitien au rattrapage Despite several arguments that “just” 37 teachers will leave Polynesia and that this situation will be solved in a near futureProfs : les chasses gardées du Pays, no Polynesian or French officials expressed anything. Since May 2007, this simply mean: «Well, well, let's keep silent, and time will be at least 90% of the solution for them to cool down — Tomorrow's another day, uh?». -- (talk) 02:08, 9 June 2011 (UTC)