O Porinetia To Tatou Ai'a

‘O Pōrīnetia To Tātou ‘Ai‘a ("Polynesia, a Homeland for us all") was a French Polynesian anti-independence political party founded by Gaston Tong Sang on 1 October 2007 after he split from his former party, the Tāhō‘ēra‘a Huira‘atira.[1] It had six members in the French Polynesian assembly, all former Taheora'a Huiraatira members.

O Porinetia To Tatou Ai'a
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Political positionCentre-left to Left-wing
(With Far-left factions)

It presented a joint list called "To Tātou ‘Ai‘a" (Homeland for us all) together with other autonomist parties in the January 2008 elections.[2]

The party merged with others to form A Tia Porinetia ahead of the 2013 elections.[3]

Notable peopleEdit


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