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Request for DeletionEdit

More detailed reasoning for deletion can be seen below, but overall the article seems to present a one-sided viewpoint against South Korea rather than explaining the term 'Korea Passing' and when it is used. The article also does not provide evidence that the phrase is in common use or is of note, and therefore I recommend deleting the article. Finally, the edits on the article seem to have been made by only a few editors, most notably since 20 August 2020. NettingFish15019 (talk) 15:44, 3 October 2020 (UTC)

Bias and Non-neutralityEdit

The wording in the article shows clear bias and a non-neutral POV. See for instance "In Japan, it has been recognized that ignore politely is the best way to deal with Moon Jae-in's administration.[28] And in defense white paper, Defense of japan 2019, Japan gave South Korea cold shoulder as security partner by lowering South Korea’s standing.[29][30] Since 2018, the legal foundation of the friendly and cooperative relationship between two countries had overthrown." in section 'Passing by Japan'. The cause of this seems to be the simple copy-pasting from secondary sources that often have a one-sided view point. It also seems to result in largely inaccurate sourcing for this term. This issue seems to stem from revisions starting from 20 August 2020. NettingFish15019 (talk) 15:11, 3 October 2020 (UTC)


The sub-section 'Criticism' contains no actual criticism of the neologism 'Korea Passing' but rather only further endorsement of the phrase. Due to the negative nature of the phrase, it appears that there is little attempt in the article to present an unbiased viewpoint of the neologism. Therefore, I would recommend this article for deletion. NettingFish15019 (talk) 15:11, 3 October 2020 (UTC)


The 'Controversy' section appears to use one-sided secondary sources that back up only the side which supports using the neologism. For instance, the 'Passing by Japan' sub-section relies heavily on 'The Japan Times', which although is an established newspaper, only presents one side of the supposed controversy between Japan and South Korea. NettingFish15019 (talk) 15:11, 3 October 2020 (UTC)

General NotabilityEdit

The article seems to only include criticisms of South Korea in general rather than actual analysis of the neologism. This is shown by how the article itself seems to lack much reference to the phrase 'Korea Passing'. NettingFish15019 (talk) 15:11, 3 October 2020 (UTC)

AFD nomination procedural removalEdit

A newly created account tagged the page for a deletion nomination. The nomination does not yet exist. The editor has asked others to complete the nomination, but since he will be able to create it in a few days, there is no harm in removing it now and starting over later. davidwr/(talk)/(contribs) 18:01, 3 October 2020 (UTC)

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