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Proposed Edits 3/28/16Edit

I will incorporate a section called “The Safety In Explosives” that will detail Jackie Akhavan’s work in the safety behind explosive handling. I will include the pieces of the explosive, “your fusing system, you would have a prime explosive in there which, generally speaking, would contain lead azide which is very sensitive.  And then your main charge will be a combination of TNT, tri-nitrotoluene, with RDX.” (Senthilingam, 2010). Since this section will mostly be taken from an interview, the bias will be minimal to none as well. It will also contain details about the Rotter machine. This machine tests the response of explosives to impact. This is important because occasionally movers of the explosives drop them and they go off, so Jackie has been working on preventing them from going off when unintended. More information to be added to this section will be derived from her manual: Education and Training in the Explosive Sector. Safety in explosive handling is all about making the right decisions. Akhavan at the Cranfield University, along with KCEM developed the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme was developed. This was to identify competency in the explosives sector. It also establishes future needs for EU competencies as well as to create training programs. There is already a section on the wiki titled Notable work, which this program falls under, but there is no information on it, so I will attempt to find small summaries to add to each of the other programs Akhavan was invested in as well. As for Akhavan’s book: The Chemistry of Explosives I will most likely only use to supplement specifics for my other sections, as it is a very large book, I would draw specifics from it only as ultimate evidence, however reading the book for new information on when it is mostly filled with explosive jargon would be an unnecessary read in and of itself, but it is a useful resource to fill small holes in my overall knowledge of Akhavan’s work. Under Akhavan’s Notable Work Section, there are missing pieces of her work which I found. One such project is her involvement in Bloodhoud, a project to invent the fastest car ever, that runs off of rocket fuel. It should be noted that much of her notable work doesn’t have a section on Wikipedia, So instead of editing the page under Jackie Akhavan, I may invent a new page for some of her notable work, Bloodhound and Leonardo Da Vinci Programme both included. I would like to add a Notable quotes and advice section because Jackie is an inspirational figure to some, and she has many quotes directed at younger scientists, based on her experiences (Marr 2015). This would be a brand new addition, showing her holistic side instead of solely her place in science as a scientist/teacher. In April of 2015, a news article interview was published by Financial Times. This contained never before talked about information on Akhavan’s personal life. There is already an existing Personal life section on the Wiki page, however it is a small paragraph, and much of the information about her love life, her engagement with her husband Shari is found in this news article. She also talks about how she spends most leisure time in the kitchen cooking or reading in her sitting room, (Financial Times 2015) and many more domestic things she enjoys partaking in. This is probably the article with the most original content not talked about in the existing wiki.

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