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19th century references edit

I've added a reference to the recent translation. The following EB 1911 references are not at hand in my library or yours (Wetman 16:17, 3 June 2006 (UTC)):Reply[reply]

The chronicle is published in volume xxi. of the Monumenta Germaniae historica (Hanover, 1826 fol.); and separately with introduction by W. Arndt (Hanover, 1869). Another edition has been published by L. Vanderkindere in the Recueil de textes pour servir à l'étude de l'histoire de Belgique (Brussels, 1904); and there is a French translation by G. Menilglaise (Tournai, 1874).
See W. Meyer, Des Werk des Kanzlers Gislebert von Mons als verfassungsgeschichtliche Quelle (Konigsberg, 1888); K. Huygens, Sur la valeur historique de la chronique Gislebert de Mons (Ghent, 1889); and W. Wattenbach, Deutschlands Geschichtsquellen, Band ii. (Berlin, 1894).