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Date of election (1854)Edit

Although OurCampaigns states this election was held on what became Election Day (United States), I suggest it was in fact held on October 10.

Dubin (United States Gubernatorial Elections, 1776-1860: The Official Results by State and County, 2003) and Glashan (American Governors and Gubernatorial Elections, 1775-1978, 1979) both state this is the case. Kallenbach and Kallenbach (American State Governors, 1776-1976, vol. 1, 1977) only gives a date of "October", but also states that from 1790 to 1875, the gubernatorial election was held on the second Tuesday of October, which fits with this date. The 1855 Pennsylvania Senate Journal also records that the election was held on the second Tuesday of October.

I would welcome evidence of other sources either supporting this date or disproving it.

I propose to change the article accordingly. (talk) 01:27, 27 December 2020 (UTC)