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Panagiotis "Taki" Theodoracopulos (/ˌθədɔːrəˈkɒpələs/; Greek: Παναγιώτης "Τάκης" Θεοδωρακόπουλος; born 11 August 1936)[1] is a Greek journalist and writer. He lives in New York City, London and Gstaad, Switzerland.[2]

Taki Theodoracopulos
Taki Theodoracopolous appearing on "After Dark" on 23 February 1991.jpg
Appearing on TV show After Dark in 1991
Native name
Παναγιώτης Θεοδωρακόπουλος
Panagiotis Theodoracopulos

(1936-08-11) 11 August 1936 (age 82)
Alma materUniversity of Virginia
OccupationJournalist, publisher, writer


Early life and educationEdit

The son of a Greek shipping magnate,[3] Theodoracopulos was privately educated in the United States at Lawrenceville School and Blair Academy[4] before attending the University of Virginia.[5]


Theodoracopulos's column "High Life" has appeared in The Spectator since 1977, where he was criticised by the then-editor Boris Johnson for a series of racist and antisemitic articles, including one alleging black people had lower IQs.[6][7][8] He has also written for other US and UK publications. In 1984, he was arrested for the possession of cocaine, after attempting to board a plane at Heathrow Airport, and served three months in HMP Pentonville.[3][5] He documented his prison experiences in Nothing to Declare: Prison Memoirs (1991).

In 2002, Theodoracopulos founded The American Conservative magazine with Pat Buchanan and Scott McConnell. He was also the publisher of the British magazine Right Now![citation needed] He currently publishes and writes for Taki's Magazine, described as a libertarian webzine of "politics and culture."

Theodoracopulos appeared in the 2013 James Toback film Seduced and Abandoned as himself.[9][10]

He has received criticism for writing in support of Greek ultranationalist political party Golden Dawn[11], and as a frequent critic of Israel.[12] leading to accusations of anti-semitism[13] In 2018, he wrote an article commemorating D-Day in which he praised the Wehrmacht and asked readers to sympathize with them.[14][15][16]

Personal lifeEdit

Theodoracopulos has an interest in Asian martial arts, holds a black belt in karate[17] and owned a 123-foot yacht named Bushido. The yacht was put up for sale in 2012.[18]


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